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DICE Finally Identifies Cause of Battlefield 1 PS4 Pro Issues


Following weeks of investigations, Battlefield 1 developer DICE has finally identified the cause of the performance issues PS4 Pro users have being reporting since the game’s latest title update.

Earlier today, in a forum thread dedicated to the problem, development director Nils Hallberg explained:

“We found an issue that explains a lot of the issues mentioned in this thread, e.g. FPS drops and blurry textures. The issue relates to the dynamic resolution where the minimum was too high.

“We have a fix for this for all platforms (except PC that does not use dynamic resolution) and it will be included in the next patch.”

Hallberg later added that the degradation and frame rate issues experienced by some users were caused by a bug introduced by patch 1.04, rather than a deliberate downgrade:

“I need to clarify a few things. Before the patch (i.e. version 1.02) there was no minimum at all. In 1.04 we added a minimum but due to a bug that got calculated the wrong way and was set way too high. In the next patch we are going to have minimum but it will be properly set.

“The quality of the textures are, since launch, untouched.”

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  • Lets GO!

    Good work, Dice. Glad to see the issue fixed immediately.
    Game on, everyone! 🙂

  • Tad Zaleski

    Not Pc no sli support fix?

  • Anonymous

    ehh, 60 bucks for one fifth of a game…. ill play overwatch on PC instead.