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Latest WWE 2K17 Patch Introduces Major Commentary Bug

WWE 2K17 Brock Lesnar

If you’ve noticed that WWE 2K17’s commentary team seem a little quieter than usual in recent weeks, you’re not alone.

Since the release of the pro wrestling sim’s latest title update last month, numerous players have been reporting that the title’s in-game announce team have fallen silent at various points in matches, while the game’s crowd audio also seems to have been adversely affected by the patch.

Today, Power Up Gaming has been able to independently verify and isolate the issue. It seems an error occurs when users perform a finishing or signature move that would normally see the commentary team acknowledge the manoeuvre by its name in their calls.

Instead, these audio lines are not being correctly called by the game, leading to an awkward silence during moments of what should be high drama. When the game’s commentary algorithm dictates that a finishing move name should not be called, there are no audio issues. This arguably intensifies the issue, as players are hearing nothing but silence or Michael Cole half-heartedly exclaim “Oh my!” when they pull off their devastating finisher.

We have reached out to publisher 2K Games regarding the issue. A spokesman confirmed that the studio has already received similar reports from affected players and is currently investigating.

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