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Square Enix Confirms Dragon Quest Heroes II Will Not Release for PS Vita in the West

Dragon Quest Heroes II

Earlier today, Square Enix confirmed that its Western localisation of action RPG Dragon Quest Heroes II will release in April 2017. Unlike its Japanese counterpart, however, the title will not be coming to the PS Vita.

In the comments section of a PlayStation Blog entry detailing the announcement, Square Enix community manager Daniel Seto responded to criticism over the apparent lack of a PS Vita release for the game. He said: “Sorry you feel that way but unfortunately, the Vita version just isn’t a viable option for us to localise and bring over. Hopefully, you’ll still give the PS4 version a chance and enjoy it all the same.”

The news comes as a crushing blow to fans of the series, who had hoped the title may have been earmarked to release digitally for the Vita in the West, taking after its critically acclaimed spinoff, Dragon Quest Builders – which finally made it out of Japan back in October.

Seto later tried to appease European fans of the franchise, adding: “We’ll see what we can do about bringing more DQ games out in the West!”

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    Its the same game with the same text, they are updating a text file or database and squirting that into the code – with a digital-only release there is minimal cost to them – madness!