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Batman: Return to Arkham Receives PS4 Pro Patch; Reportedly Adds 30FPS Lock


Warner Bros’s Batman: Return to Arkham has today received a title update that brings “PS4 Pro visual enhancements” to the remastered collection.

However, users have been taking to social media to complain that the 1.02 patch stealthily locks the game at 30 frames per second; PlayStation 4 Pro owners had previously reported an unlocked frame rate of up to 60 fps.

The game’s developer Virtuos has form for courting controversy; in recent months, certain visual and performance aspects of its Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection remaster were heavily criticised.

The full patch notes for Return to Arkham’s 1.02 title update are as follows:

  • Fixes game crashes experienced by some players.
  • Additional frame rate / performance optimizations.
  • PlayStation 4 Pro visual enhancements added.

Batman: Return to Arkham was originally released back in October, and contains remastered versions of last-gen titles Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.

We have reached out to Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to comment on criticism surrounding the title’s post-patch frame rate.

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  • Turniplord

    Why mention Ubisofts AC Collection? The devs this time have nothing to do with AC – plus the whole article you linked to was proved wrong by numerous reports shortly after that company released that video. The one who recorded it had experienced a glitch in the xbox one version which caused the climbing issues – this bug was also present in the original PC version many years ago.

    Also the guy they were all saying looked nothing like the original guy – thats true, as the NPCs are randomly chosen, so it literally wasn’t the same person! The lipstick guy is actually there in the original version as well.

    Going back to Batman though – many are ‘presuming’ it has gone to a 30fps lock (as nobody has done an analysis yet, everyone is guessing as everyone have become expert fps counters with their own eyes!) but even if it has, that isn’t a bad thing – before it was going from about 25fps – 50fps – with dips that big you can tell that it is happening. so Locking it at 30 means you are more likely to have a stable framerate about 90% of the time, even if its lower, so the overall end result will work out better for you.

    But, nobody knows if they have locked it or what has changed yet as everyone seems to be waiting for DF to release their video – even though in the meantime everyone is making up theories which are being picked up by news sites; pretty much as facts

  • andy

    “The game’s developer Virtuos has form for courting controversy; in
    recent months, certain visual and performance aspects of its Assassin’s
    Creed: The Ezio Collection remaster were heavily criticised.”

    For crying out loud could you do your damn reseasrch on this already. We all know by now it was complete bullcock by Polygon. Virtuous have turned in a pretty good port with the 3 AC games. You think by now YOU would have realised this revelation brought to light about 2 weeks ago like the rest of us have.

  • DEVILTAZ35 .

    It sounds like the crashes were caused by the framerate not being properly supported in game. They took the easy way out locking the framerate instead of looking into proper enhancements if possible.