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Famicom Mini (NES Classic Edition) Japanese Launch Month Sales Revealed

Famicom Mini

Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition isn’t only flying off the shelves in North America – its Japanese counterpart sold over 300,000 units during its first two weeks of being on sale.

Unfortunately, after reporting on the Famicom Mini’s first-week sales of a quarter of a million units, analytics firm Media Create has stopped tracking the retro consoles sales. Fortunately, leading Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has compiled its own estimates, placing the number of units shifted at approximately 319,000 up until the week ending November 27.

The figure is particularly impressive considering Nintendo is facing a worldwide stock shortage of the unit, as demand vastly outstrips supply.

Like the NES Classic, the Famicom Mini is a miniaturised version of Nintendo’s debut console, and comes preloaded with 30 classic games – although Japanese consumers have to shell out extra for a power supply.

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