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Party Beat ‘Em Up Gang Beasts Delayed Until 2017 on PS4 & PSVR

Gang Beasts

The PS4 release of Bone Loaf’s hilariously whacky party game Gang Beasts has been quietly pushed back until 2017.

The local multiplayer beat ’em up, which sees colourful gelatinous characters fight it out in a contest resembling a bunch of drunks brawling, had been expected to land on Sony’s console by the end of the year; however, the game’s official FAQ has now been updated with the following developer statement:

“We have been working hard to make a PlayStation 4 build of Gang Beasts for submission to Sony (for a potential 2016 release), unfortunately there are still some modifications and fixes to make before we can make a submission and it is now too late in the year to certify the game for a 2016 release, we understand that this is disappointing for PS4 owners wanting to play the game and are pushing to make the submission as soon as we can to make a Q1 2017 release date feasible.”

Published by Double Fine Productions, Gang Beasts is currently available via Steam Early Access. It is expected to include PSVR and online multiplayer support upon launch on the PS4.

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