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Final Fantasy XV Second-Week Sales Down 90 Percent in Japan

After a strong debut, Final Fantasy XV sales fell approximately 90 percent in its second week of being on sale in Japan.

The news comes via analytics firm Media Create and leading gaming publication Famitsu, who have Square Enix’s long-awaited RPG at shifting between 72,000 and 80,000 units, down from last week’s 7770,000 – 790,000.

Final Fantasy XV’s second-week sales place it at number five in the Japanese gaming charts, one place behind the PS4 exclusive The Last Guardian, which sold between 68,000 and 82,000 units in its first six days of being on sale – half of what its predecessor, Shadow of the Colossus, managed during its debut week in 2005.

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  • rpgmaniac

    Japanese fans understand very well how big of a turd XV is, they get that much better than us here in the West as they are used to play traditional JRPGs & know what makes a good game, & XV have nothing of all those elements that makes a JRPG good, it doesn’t even have what it makes an FF good, it’s a disaster on all fronts.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Good job saying a whole lot without saying anything at all. The overwhelming majority of people who’ve played the game disagree with you… which isn’t surprising, since you’re apparently clueless.

  • J.j. Barrington

    Well, let’s see: 3 million PS4s in Japan. At this point- and digital isn’t included, so you could honestly round up a bit- that’s nearly a third of the install base. That was in the first WEEK.

    But you’re sounding the alarms?