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Blizzard Considering Changes to Overwatch Assault Maps; ‘Fun Experiments’ in the Works for Arcade

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Blizzard is considering making changes to Overwatch’s competitive assault maps, following an unusually high percentage of games ending in draws, the studio has today confirmed.

In response to user criticism of the hero shooter’s two-capture point maps for being ‘tedious’, game director Jeff Kaplan said:

“We’ve had a lot of discussion about the mode this week. We’re talking about some potential changes but we still want to talk things through for a bit before making immediate changes.

“One of the problems we’re interested in solving is lowering the rate that draws occur in Assault. The worst offender is Hanamura. On a bad week, the map can draw as much as 18% of the time. To put the number in perspective, Control maps draw 0%, Payloads draw 0% and Hybrids draw on average 5.75% of the time.

“Your overall chance of a draw in competitive mode is 5.45%, which seems more than acceptable to us.

“I wouldn’t go so far as to say draws happen every time on Assault or even that draws are rampant. Statistically, that is false. But we think we have some strong ideas to try out when it comes to reducing draws in Assault.

“We have some other problems we are taking a look at as well.

“But overall, we like Assault as a mode and we think the maps provide a lot of exciting Overwatch moments. We’re always looking to improve all parts of the game and Assault is included in that.”

Separately, Kaplan also confirmed that the game’s developers are planning on introducing a number of additional features and modes to the title’s recently added Arcade mode. He stated: “We’re always revisiting ideas. We have some fun experiments in the works that are new 6v6 game modes. Some of them will probably never see the light of day. But I think some will make their way to the Arcade.”

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