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Blizzard: Overwatch’s Tracer Originally Shot Laser Beams Out of Her Eyes

Overwatch Tracer

Popular Overwatch hero Tracer originally shot laser beams out of her eyes, Blizzard has today confirmed.

Now known to players for her zipping, blinking and dual wielding of rapid-fire pistols, the British adventurer wasn’t always quite as versatile. According to game director Jeff Kaplan, the character was used in the very first internal playtest of Overwatch, in which she had no attachment points yet created for her guns. As a result, she instead shot laser beams from her eyes.

In response to a user question about unfinished content not seeing the light of day in some way or another, Kaplan stated: “As developers, we are very used to rough edges. When we play our maps internally, they are just gray mesh with very basic lighting. When we test new features, they often lack user interface and require us to use console commands to execute.

“Really, during this type of testing or prototyping, the game is in no shape to be shown or played. Probably the best example was the first playtest of Overwatch. The entire level was gray and blocky and the only hero was Tracer. We had no visual effects or attachment points on her guns so she just shot laser beams out of her eyes…

“On top of that, new stuff is inherently buggy and non-optimized. Often times, the way we prototype stuff, it would not even run properly in a live environment, let alone be optimized for 3 platforms (PC, Xbox and PS4). I have a lot of videos of these types of early testing. Maybe at some point we’ll find a way to share some of that with you guys. I think if you saw how truly rough our early tests are, you would have a better understanding of why they never make it into the public.”

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