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Resident Evil 7 Aims to Provide ‘Same Sensation as RE1 in 1996’; RE6 Too ‘Action-Blockbuster’

Resident Evil 7

Despite taking a bold new direction in Resident Evil 7, Capcom hopes that users will experience the ‘same sensation’ as those who originally played the first Resident Evil in 1996.

Speaking to the Official PlayStation Magazine in the UK as part of a wide-ranging interview for its January 2017 edition, series executive producer Jun Takeuchi said that although he maintained Resident Evil 6 “was a great game”, many fans felt that it went “too far in the direction of action-blockbuster”. As a result, he said, the development team had therefore tried to return to the series’ “survival horror roots” for the upcoming Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

He added: “The timing was right because in the run-up to the series’ 20th anniversary the team at Capcom was revisiting what made Resident Evil so unique and special. We thought: ‘How can we make people in 2017 feel the same sensation that you would have felt in 1996 playing the first game?'”

Takeuchi was questioned on the decision to switch to a first-person perspective for Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, which is a significant departure from previous main series entries. He replied: “There were concerns raised internally… One thing that came up quite a lot was that Resident Evil is a game that’s often been based on hero characters: Leons and Claries and son on. If you’re going to a first-person and can’t see the character on-screen, is it really still the same kind of game? Is it still Resident Evil?

“But I was convinced it was the way to go because by going to first-person there are things you can do to make a game scary that you can’t do in third-person. We just had to give it a try, and when we got our first-ever playable version of the game up and running that was when it clicked with everyone, even those who had their doubts.”

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is scheduled to release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on January 24, 2017.

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  • Mike G

    Dead Space was a third person game that was really scary. But yeah, I’m loving RE7 in 1st person.

  • Migi

    I diden’t know that Texas chainsaw massacre and Resident evil were related.
    But seriously, this feels nothing like a resident evil game. It feels more like it’s riding on the name to get sales.

  • Mila

    No matter how many times people ( or Capcom ) tries to sugar coat this game and tell you how much they like it , it wont represent the same original classic style that we all been used to .

  • Sobekflakmonkey

    ‘How can we make people in 2017 feel the same sensation that you would have felt in 1996 playing the first game?’

    Apparently making a first person game that’s trying ridiculously hard to copy PT and Outlast was the way…/s

    Someone needs to take this franchise away from them before they ruin it even more.

    • Limit Break

      At this point Resident Evil is a just a name, really. It lived through RE6 and Umbrella Corp AND dragged it’s name through a miriad of sensationally awkward movies… After that I must say that Resident Evil’s name cannot really be tarnished any further… It is virtually impossible, pretty much. It’s like a economical situation in a thord-world country – at some point it drops so low there is only improvement that can be achieved.
      Then again, it doesn’t exactly say that the improvement is that of restoration to the once beloved form, oh, no. It is of change, mostly outlined by all the trends that came during that time.

  • Limit Break

    The same sensation ?
    Look, I came to terms of things moving forward without any care for my input (DmC, new God Of War, Final Fantasy XV, RE7, so on and so forth), but this statement is pretty much impossible…
    I… have no idea how RE7 can possibly achieve ANYTHING like the sensation of RE1… RE1 is a lovable, yet tense, scary, yet charming (in a stupid kind of way) shlockfest B-movie survival horror game minimalistic in it’s presentation, completely organic in design, has EASILY one of the most enjoyable voice-overs I have EVER heard in my life to date (others being House of The Dead 2 and Deadly Premonition, maybe Silent Hill 2 as well).
    You… just cannot do this. For a variety of reasons, really:
    – RE7 is not breaking ANY new ground here – it is a First-Person horror game. There is literally tons of those out there, literally an ocean of them, too many to count.
    – RE7’s mechanics seem pretty mechanical, there is very little organic exploration, from what I’ve seen.
    – RE7’s scares are tightly glued to your First-Person perspective, sometimes don’t even make any sense, like that doll that just falls from the ceiling in that demo without any logical reasoning as to why…
    – RE7’s voice-acting is just… okay. It’s okay. It has nothing to it. It’s of fine quality. But… that is IT, there is no particularly lovable performances… I know that making a game with particularly terrible (and thus immensely charming) voice acting is a one-of-the-kind thing and almost never occurs nowadays, but this once again just tells the story of how it’s pretty much impossible to “achieve” the same kind of sensation.