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NieR: Automata Rated ‘M’ for Mature; Violent Combat Detailed

Nier Automata

Platinum Games’ upcoming action RPG NieR: Automata has been rated ‘M’ for Mature by the ESRB.

The US ratings board issued the rating due to the title’s blood, partial nudity, violence and strong language. Its detailed ratings summary also provides some new information on Automata’s combat:

This is an action game in which players assume the role of androids attempting to save Earth from extraterrestrial machines. Players use swords, spears, lances, and lasers to destroy enemy robots in melee-style combat. Large explosions and realistic gunfire are frequently heard during combat. Some sequences depict blood and additional acts of violence against human-like characters: a man impaled through the chest with a sword, resulting in large blood-splatter effects; character lying in pools of blood after getting stabbed. Some characters wear revealing outfits with partially exposed buttocks; one male character is depicted nude (without genitalia). The words “f**k” and “sh*t” are heard in the dialogue.

The Square Enix-published title is scheduled to release on PS4 in Japan in February, with a Western release following in March.

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  • Note5

    looks better than Bayonetta

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Even if this ends up having many improvements over Bayonetta which Platinum Games certainly learned through their experience making Bayonetta to begin with, Bayonetta will always be my favorite game by them. It really opened my eyes to what games are capable of, truly exceptional. That’s not to say NieR: Automata will be the exception to that but they’re vastly different as much as they share quite a lot in common so who knows how it will do. I imagine many will make comparisons once the game is out that go deeper into it. Though I haven’t played NieR yet will most likely get it outta the way first which will be months haha but by then all content for Automata should be released supposedly. Anyhow, I’m excited for this game glad to see others who have enthusiasm for it. Surprisingly haven’t seen that many talking about it tbh.

      • Note5

        Both have that cool kickass stylish sexiness to them but NieR A looks more serious, no nonsense grounded scifi jrpg which I favor more along the lines of MGRising Revengeance- another excellent PG game btw.

        • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

          Yeah I mean Bayonetta although it does have a serious story line from the get go it’s more centered around Bayonetta herself and how the story and game play reflect that stylish sexiness she has; giving way to it all tying together including the overall plot itself so they complement her – so it’s more character driven. Whereas with NieR Automata it’s the opposite that although the game play and characters are still a focus like in the first NieR, in this case there’s more of an overall plot and story going on that the characters complement and is their ultimate goal so in that sense it is a lot more serious especially since it’s arguable more fleshed out than Bayonetta is, or will be since it isn’t out yet but you can tell they did a lot.

          I also touch a light on that subject because your initial reflects exactly what I’m afraid of which is this: Many will see NieR Automata and love the game once they play, then look back in Platinum Games’ history and see Bayonetta, comparing the two and dissing Bayonetta without giving it a try. Casting it off because they either find graphics too old, feel game play won’t hold up, or they just don’t wanna break out their older systems or don’t have X1 to play backwards compatible, you name it – nary a reason for them to play but instead wary signs that they won’t play. That they’ll avoid the game and never give it chance it deserved from the start.

          Sure as time passes less people will wanna play games from the past it happens, but in this case Nier: A will overshadow Bayonetta completely possibly. Then nobody will ever play it and overtime it’s forgotten with only a cult following barely keeping it alive – heck as it is the cult following it has barely managed to keep it going for it to have a sequel even if it’s a sleeper hit. Like you were saying NieR: A just has that more broad appeal that helps games reach out to bigger audiences so more may come to acknowledge it whereas Bayonetta is cast aside and eventually forgotten.

          Not that I underestimate how influential Bayonetta has been on Nier A or how loved the game is by those who played but as has been proven time changes everything and in the time people play NieR A they may not look so fondly on Bayonetta never playing it at all. Because many won’t get the appeal or have a certain standard set when first of all they’re completely different games in tone and setting to begin with despite their similarities and second is that they were made at different times and by different masterminds and creators.

          Because people do that all the time not giving older games benefit of the doubt then they become lost in time – I mean honestly out of all gamers or people you know how many can actually recall something like Breath of Fire, Castlevania, Gradius, Arkanoid, Chrono Trigger – you get the idea I feel Bayonetta will fall into that same pattern slowly losing ground in gaming community until a new audience years later sees them again in some form or that someone older shows them because many would have put it in back of their minds then.

          The other thing that gives more credence to that is: again with the appeal Nier A has from the get go, it just might not only do better than the first one but gain more appeal in gaming community that more will play and it may be a success. In which case, Square Enix may prompt Platinum Games to begin planning for another game in the series. Instead of focusing on the next Bayonetta as Kamiya said they’re thinking about it. Don’t want it to be they become consumed by greed or Square Enix does even more so that they don’t give them a choice if they want to keep the company and fans happy. And with Kamiya still working on Scalebound I highly doubt Bayonetta will come at all.

          I don’t mind waiting for Bayonetta they can take their time doing other stuff til they’re ready – I just don’t want it to be completely shelved because they see more profit in everything else they’re doing that Bayonetta doesn’t matter even to Kamiya anymore. Because a lot of games suffer that fate – having potential as series but then overcast because something else stole their thunder. However, the opposite is just as true and NieR A may actually boost popularity of Bayonetta so they kill two birds with one stone. Thing is we won’t know which we it goes because it has yet to release.

          Bayonetta is very important me I’m sure you could tell by all I just put here haha, but I’m not discrediting NieR Automata at all. Just want both to have a chance not that we to pick our poison ya know. Want the best of both worlds. Bayonetta was a huge refresh I needed I’m sure that Automata will be too. Just don’t want gamers to forget because well….we’ve become good at forgetting with time haha. Anyhow, I look forward to the game probably won’t get at launch and may play Bayonetta again if I get the chance. Really hope it, and maybe both of them, become classics it really is a true gem. Makes me nostalgic about first time I played Bayonetta still need to play sequel but I’ll never forget the impact of the first. Just as I won’t disregard the impact NieR Automata will have.

          I love Metal Gear. I never got to play Revengeance actually just a demo. Hoping at some point Platinum remaster it but it if not I’ll pick it up at some other point. Lotta people didn’t like it though – sure I will though hehe. Too bad that also didn’t get more recognition a shame many end up with that status. Want Metal Gear series as a whole to be remade for PS4 or something though honestly doubt that’ll happen not sure how they’d even handle MGS4, which is my favorite in the series btw.

          And again though I anticipate the game very much I will love Bayonetta more because for it’s one that started my love of this genre and really again opened my eyes to what games could be, and really widened my perspective, it’s one of the greatest games I’ve ever played in my life I’ll never forget it. I hope Automata can have a similar impression while also being unique to what NieR is. Long live gaming.

  • BelAirBoss

    This game is looking phenomenal.