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Nintendo Issues FCC Filing for ‘Wireless Gaming Device’; E3 2017 Reveal Hinted


The US’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has conducted a number of tests on a ‘wireless gaming device’ submitted by Nintendo, the agency has confirmed.

According to the FCC’s website, it has conducted a number of tests on the product, which has the model number HAC-016, on behalf of Nintendo – all of which it complied with.

However, the most significant parts of the application – including a detailed run-down of the device’s functionality and a photograph of the product – are protected by a confidentiality clause, set to expire on June 18, 2017 – the week of E3 2017.

The only available image of Nintendo’s device, therefore, is a back-view of the product, showing the location of the FCC Declaration of Conformity.


For the time being, the actual function of the device is all speculation – although it seems very likely that it will be related to Nintendo’s Switch console in some way or another.

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