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New Xbox One Elite Controller May Have Detachable Triggers

Xbox One Elite Controller

Microsoft’s next generation of Xbox One Elite controllers may have removable triggers, according to a recently published patent filing.

Newly listed documents posted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office confirm Microsoft submitted a patent application for a “game controller with removal trigger accessory” back in March – although the filing was only published on December 15.

The patent covers a range of trigger accessories for the peripheral, which are held in place by a “magnetic attraction” – similar to accessories available for the d-pad and analogue stick on the current Elite design – and can be easily removed by the user without tools. The filing states:

“The present disclosure is directed to a customizable game controller that includes one or more differently configured trigger-type controls that can be swapped out in a tool-free manner.”

“For example, differently configured removable trigger accessories may have different sizes, materials, ranges of motion, spring tensions, pull weights, and/or finger positions. In one example, such a configuration facilitates the use of differently configured removable trigger accessories that are customized for particular types of video games.”

The application also includes a number of drawings, showing a variety of trigger designs.

While there is no guarantee the patent will translate into an actual product release, the development will be an intriguing one to follow.

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