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PlayStation VR 2016 Sales Report Revealed; Comfortably Outsells HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality Headsets

Despite supply issues, Sony’s PlayStation VR headset has sold approximately 745,000 units since its launch in October – well ahead of its high-end competitors, the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

That’s according to market research firm SuperData, whose most recent insights report has the HTC Vive as selling 420,000 units in 2016, and the Oculus Rift at 355,000.

The real winner in the field however was Samsung, with its lower end Gear VR mobile headset shipping close to 2.3 million units this year.

SuperData previously estimated that the PSVR would shift 2.6 million units in 2016, but downgraded its forecast last month, citing a “modest marketing effort” from Sony.

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  • cazdghost

    No stock anywhere only from those 3rd party sellers 🙁

    • KevinCormier

      I see a bunch everywhere.

      • Goodgrief

        Sure buddy, whatever you say there big guy.

      • Jessika S.

        Really? can we get some location information let everyone know who’s looking for one where everywhere is.

        • Michael Acuna

          Every Walmart I have been to in Arizona has at least 2-3 in stock every time I go

          • Jessika S.

            Here in NYC can’t find them at all, I was just trying to get the headset cause I already owned a camera and move controllers but a friend that has this video and Electronics store got 2 and called sold me the bundle for $450 no tax. You should have purchased some of this and sold them on eBay.

          • Lacerz

            You should have bought them all up and flipped them online for a profit. That’s the only way you can get them anywhere else in the world except for where you live.

      • cazdghost

        I got one in Singapore it was restored with the PS Pro which is also hard to come by too. Here in Japan it’s not available anywhere in retails stores. Saw them only on 3rd party sellers in Amazon or Auctions which is 50% more expensive. Happy Purchase 🙂

  • jacksjus

    It seems to me that even had Sony done better marketing it would not have resolved the supply constraints. How did they ever come up with a 2.6 million guesstimate not knowing the supply situation at Sony.

  • xboxmaster

    750k sold to consumers while being sold out everywhere hmm that’s amazing for a peripheral that’s as expensive as the console, even $100 more for the launch bundle, AMAZING, in 2017 it will easily reach 2-3m


      I hope it does reach 2-3 mil next year, but Sony needs to restock ASAP or a significant amount of customers will lose their hype and forget about it by the time it’s in stock. Sony also need some more AAA content on par with Resident Evil 7. I love my PSVR, but I do see that what it has right now is not going to be enough for A LOT of people. Of course, it’s only been out for 2 months and this is an amazing launch, better than any console launch I remember. Sony has done better with VR than anyone and deserves mad respect and our faith in things to come.

  • Michael Espinoza

    I hate whe people call the gear VR a VR. It is a glorified View master. Confusing it with VR hurts the emtire platform.

    • noah

      Gate-keeping hurts the entire platform.

  • Ta’i Ngatokorua

    Absolutely love my vr. Have had mine since day one. It’s good to see so many games coming out for it each week. I hope it keeps selling well. A lot of people have come to my house to try it out and not one person has left not wanting to buy one. Luckily they’re easy to get here in NZ