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Latest Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Patch Rolling Out Now; New Weapon Variants Added

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

The latest title update for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is rolling out now on PS4 and Xbox One, bringing new weapon variants to the shooter’s Quartermaster.

Additionally, users have reported the addition of new unlockable character gear, accessories and taunts to the store – including a humorous ‘facepalm’ gesture.

The full list of new weapon variants included in the patch is as follows:

NV4-Chaos: Celebrity-Increases hip fire rate and reduces ADS fire rate Steady- Reduced hip spread

KBAR-32-Bunker Bust: Nuclear-25 player kills treat earns a De-Atomizer Strike Stockpile-Increased Ammo

Type-2-Double Fist: Lights Out- Increased Weapon melee speed

Volk-Vexed: On Point-Speeds up ADS and reduces hip fire accuracy Creeper-Increased movement speed while crouched

RPR EVO-Cheap Shot: Low Rider-Reduces hip fire spread while sliding

RAW-Headhunter: Hitman-Killing all enemy players grants a large bonus to your payload meter Stability-Reduces Recoil

Titan-Reconnoiter: Sensor-Damage causes target to show up on mini map Sharpshooter-Increased damage range

KBS Longbow-Harbringer: Feeder-Reduces rechamber time and reduces movement speed. Focus-Reduces idle sway while ADS

DMR-1-Snapfrost: Glacial-Damage temporarily slows target movement speed Creeper-Increases movement speed while crouched

Reaver-Skiver: Sharpshooter-Increased damage range

Banshee-Doppler: Sonic Boom-Stacked high frequency blast with each trigger pull Readiness-Reload faster when mag is empty

Rack 9-Precision Strike: On Point-Speeds up ADS and reduces hip fire accuracy Haste-Slightly increases movement speed

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