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Sony Updates PlayStation Store to Detail Enhancements for First-Party PS4 Pro Titles; Coins ‘PS4 Pro HD’

Sony has finally updated the PlayStation Store to detail the enhancements its supercharged PS4 Pro console brings to eligible first-party titles.

Until now, users had to carry out their own research into the nature of PS4 Pro improvements on a game-by-game basis, but individual PS Store listings for supported titles now include a full list of changes and options provided by the upgraded system.

So far, the descriptions for games including Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, The Last of Us: Remastered, Infamous: First Light, Infamous: Second Son and Ratchet & Clank have all been updated with a list of their PS4 Pro enhancements – with more titles expected to be added over the coming days.

Interestingly, Sony has coined the term ‘PS4 Pro HD’ and applied it to those titles that use various upscaling techniques to produce a resolution greater than 1080p but inferior to native 4K.


It is currently unclear as to whether or not third-party games will receive similar description updates.

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    Oh how the backpeddling starts on Sony’s end… Have to admit to it all somehow, so why not through yourself….

    • Bill

      I don’t see any backpeddling here.


        Slapping around the “4K” banter to only all of a sudden speak of less as if it is more…? They’re gouging the market with garbage talk that they are never going to back up.

        People can keep on with their “fake” 4K gaming experiences and I’ll keep on with my actual experience I expected to pay for elsewhere.

        • starrk94

          Xbox doesn’t even have this “fake 4k” no up 60 fps either, they trashtalk too, all of the companies do to get potential customers, if you don’t know that you must be living under the rock or something

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            Yup….rocks…. I like rocks…..

            Just the idea that you people are hanging onto 4K from any of these console manufacturers is just hilarious. Smoke and mirrors is exactly wat people are paying for. Especially on the “PRO!”


        Much… how many more asterisks does one need next to their BS promotional ads confirming in black and white that you are not getting an actual 4K system….!?!?

        After speaking up about their 4K system and it’s “powah!” All promotional lies and people are feeding right into it all.

        If everyone spoke up about how they truly hated the idea and just wanted what the companies have been touting from the beginnning (1080 60fps) things would be much better all around. More effects/fidelity in game are truly welcomed over a simple bump in resolution and less of a frame rate.


    Yeah…..when native 4K 60fps is truly attainable I’ll join the fan club. Until then I do not feel like stepping back to the 90’s with my 30-sub 30fps experiences. Once again….if people actually played more games at 60+fps they would see that anything less is seriously a disgusting sight/experience. Yeah people…..take your street fighters and other fast paced games and lock those in at your 4K 30fps wonder and tell me how that experience is going…..

    They need to get the frames over 30 for the immersion to be there. Anything less is a sorry excuse to poor performing hardware that contributes to a piss poor experience.