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Sony Unveils Augmented Reality Display and Development Kit

Sony has this week unveiled its latest foray into augmented reality (AR), with the release of the LMX-001 holographic waveguide display and development kit.

According to the the company’s developers site, the unit will allow for “customised hardware and software solutions”, and “displays clear graphics and text directly in the field of view of the user”.


The specs for the unit are modest to say the least, demonstrating the fact that the technology is still experimental at best:

  • Resolution : 419×138 pixels
  • FOV : 19°×6° (20° diagonal)
  • Color : 8 bit monochrome green
  • Contrast : 200:1
  • Brightness : 2000 cd/m²
  • Virtual image distance: 8.0 m

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  • Michael

    Is that thing a joke?

    • Mr Xrat

      You’d know, being an Xgimp.

      • Michael

        I knew I smelled horse crap…lol….Sneaky lil poNY. Run along now. There are no oates here for u..