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Microsoft Execs Ramp Up Project Scorpio Hype; Declare 2017 the ‘Year of the Scorpio’

The new year may barely be upon us, but Microsoft is already turning up the hype machine for its upgraded Project Scorpio Xbox console, which releases in 2017.

Head of Xbox games marketing at Microsoft, Aaron Greenberg, welcomed fans into the new year with the following tweet, declaring the upcoming system to be a ‘beast’.

These sentiments were echoed by Microsoft Studios community manager Josh Stein, who declared 2017 to be ‘the year of the scorpio’:

The excitable tweets had prompted some fans to suggest that an official announcement on the release date of the supercharged console – which Microsoft claims is “the most powerful ever” – would be forthcoming in the near future.

However, for his part, Xbox chief Phil Spencer was a little more measured in expressing his thoughts on the console; stating that although 2017 is “going to be a good year” for Xbox, he wanted to wait to hype up the console “until [Microsoft is able to] show games.”

Project Scorpio is currently slated to launch in Holiday 2017.

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  • Note5
  • Darren McCoy

    I thought this was coming out for Christmas 2017, I’d hardly call a month or two the YEAR of Scorpio.


    Well, xbone is dead in the water, it’s only natural they start looking for a new savior.

    Just like Nintendo did.

  • Vulcanproject

    When you haven’t got anything better to hype but a console probably 11 months away…..Hello, have you killed Xbox One already?

    • kevin

      When you haven’t got anything better to do but to bash a console probably 11 months away.


    Xbox One is the best console of this generation, Now comes a even more perfect console to perfect the perfect.

    I wish Ps4 offered at least half of what Xbox offers for gamers

    • drjonesjnr


  • drjonesjnr

    Need to see some games before any hype and not another forza/halo/gears.
    All that power but where’s the games?

    • kevin

      A lot of insecure Sony fanboys here doing early damage control.

      Scorpio will be the most powerful console and it will have the most games by far! Full backward compatibility, no technical wizardry or permissions needed it will have thousands of games to choose from.


      Xbox has the biggest games library right now. Your problem is money

      True 4K coming exclusively for Xbox games with Scorpio and Windows 10. A glimpse:


        Really? Ps4 has 6 exclusives in the next 3 months.

        How many does the xbone has?

        Or do you only have videos and no answers?

        • Zatoichi

          If you have a decent PC with 8GB ram and a 10 series Nvidia card you have no reason to buy a Scorpio. Buy the Microsoft game and play it on superior hardware.

          Sony and Nintendo?? Might have to buy hardware they make actual exclusives.


            I am completely aware of that. And I agree! I don’t know why you are telling me though!

          • Zatoichi

            Just replying to you, The information is more for those following our posts. Nice to caht with someone with a similar POV!

        • PEDROVNONE

          These 6 exclusives games were promised for last year, I count 2016 and 2017 as a single year for the Ps4. Sony is in debt.

          Yoshida himself has said that Detroit and Dreams are not confirmed yet, but were placed in the video games for 2017. Have you forgotten the 20 games promised by Sony for 2016? I never forgot that trailer. Currently I believe it when I see them released.

          There’s still more Xbox games to be delivered in 2017, not yet confirmed by Microsoft, but the developers have already confirmed, it is only necessary to follow these forums developers and you ll know


            Oh, so now we all have to play by your rules?

            1st ps4 had better exclusives in 2016 than xbox, so xbox is in debt even deeper.

            2nd. You didn’t even named games.

            3rd. The ps4 advantage in exclusives, that even if we play by your rules you lose, because scalebound, halo wars 2, Crackdown 3, sea of thieves, Cuphead, Gigantic were all delayed from 2016 so what exactly are you counting as 2017 xbone exclusives?

          • PEDROVNONE

            Yes they were delayed but Microsoft tried to compensate by placing DR4 and FH3, previously announced in 2015. Sony continued to lie and delayed games gradually. Sony disappointed gamers last year with a few games, especially for SF5 and mans Sky that were jokes/insults.

            Microsoft tried to compensate by placing DR4 and FH, previously not announced in 2015. Sony continued to lie and delayed games gradually. Sony disappointed last year with a few games, especially for SF5 and Man’s Sky that are jokes/insults. That is the meaning of “better” for you? You are used to play mediocre games on ps4.

            Name the Xbox line up? For what? You hate Xbox.

            Im not imposing anything, I’m showing the truth


            Oh! So you don’t think MS disappointed with quantum broke, DR4 or rebore that were joke /insults?

            SF V, KOF14, and the last guardian outscored those three.

            ratchet and clank, MLB the show 2016, guilty gear xrd and Blaz blue were better than gears 4 and any 2016 M$ exclusive not named Forza.

            And uncharted 4 was better than… Well any xbone exclusive ever made.

            Now that I destroyed your list (that you didn’t exec dare to name) and enlighten you how badly ps4 exclusives outnumbered and outscored the pathetic xbone lineup. What new “truth” will you try to fabricate?

          • PEDROVNONE


            All Xbox games really disappointed Playstation fans because they can’t play them in PS. The only thing you destroyed was your sanity.


            Man! I broke you to fast this time!

            Is that your answer?

            I’ll destroy it as easily as the rest, ps4 disappointed xbots because they can’t play them on the xbrick!

            The difference is that the xbone ones also disappointed critics (unlike the superior ps4 ones) See? I shooled you again!




            Boom! that really did it! destroyed to the point of no more words.

            Sucks not having facts! or exclusives !

            Here’s a tip, since every single xbrick game is also on PC since last year, you should go on pretending you game on a PC, at least that should give you room to talk about performance and exclusives. At least until the end of this year when you buy scorpio, although, don’t expect to have any exclusives there either!

          • PEDROVNONE

            There will be PC games on it like Stardurst. I know you are angry because Playstation is a mess without good games but wait a little longer.


            You don’t know they will be.
            No you don’t.
            No I’m not.
            No it’s not.
            Yes it has.
            No, I don’t have to wait (unlike you).

            Congrats! You managed to be wrong on 100% of your claims.

            I love how after one week, and all your replies you couldn’t give an xbrick lineup to compete with ps4. Sad.

            Sucks to be you! And sucks to have an inferior exclusiveless console.


            Damn! Not only did the ps4 lineup wiped the floor wit x1 ones, and looked the same this year, but now, x1 lineup keep getting sadder by the minute.



            Nothing? No new list? No new criteria?

            Did you really think the xbo…MS really had a better exclusive lineup this year or last year?

            Well, you have been fact spanked!

            Now you know you simply didn’t know about the bigger and better ps4 lineup.

            Your welcome!

          • PEDROVNONE

            3 years with few exclusive games on Ps4, but all this just to get a good line up in 2017? Your preference for Playstation is religious, for no reason you have faith in Sony.


            You want to limit xbone defeat to 2017?

            To bad for you that ps4 exclusives owned xbone ones for like a 400% on 2016 as well. Lol that’s superiority!

            The highest exclusive of 2015 was also on ps4.

            So try yet another approach cause I’m destroying your sad excuses, same way ps4 lineup destroyed xb… MS ones (the brick doesn’t really have exclusives anymore).

          • drjonesjnr
      • drjonesjnr

        Xbox has the biggest library? LMFAO lol lay off the weed fella

      • Majid Hussain

        Wow MOST of these look like indie games, or an evolution of an indie game. You honestly trying to shout down the PS4 exclusives with this lot? Please have a look at the quantity and quality of the ps4 releases coming in 2017. Im not knocking xb, I love mine but wont chat crap to support it in an area it is failing in. I hope the scorpio offers enough for me to buy it whilst I continue to maintain a decent gaming PC, yes I own a PC a ps3 a ps4 pro a xbox a xbox 360 and a xbox one and plan on buying a scorpio but it may be the only one I miss due to the fact my PC will probably outperform it and provide the best experience for xbox exclusives. Sad really as I loved playing my 360 more than all the other gaming systems after my PC. I also prefer xbox controllers but the truth is ps4 and ps3 before it both had the best exclusives and pushed the best graphics (after a proper gaming rig that is). Xbox also provides a better online interface, but exclusives, graphics and hardware have always been sonys strong points.

        • PEDROVNONE

          The only console failing when it comes to games is PS4. Can’t you remember how many games were delayed by Sony in 2016? and how many remasters since 2013? Oh my god You are obsessed with another trailer about PS4 line up, now for 2017, but you are unable to understand that these are still unreleased games. You are insane! Don’t count on what did not release.

          Sony released a trailer in early 2016 promising 20 exclusive games, where are those games? Now they are promissed for 2017. Let’s be adults, stop dreaming. These games are set to release in 2017 and beyond, if you think you gonna play all games diplayed on that vídeo.

          If you’re a PC gamer, good for you, but the Xbox consoles remain the best for consumers. It’s not because you prefer to play on the PC that everyone will have to do the same as you. The PC platform is for advanced users only and is personal device. PC is not a console and pratical as one.

          The Xbox inside Windows 10 (Xbox app) may not have many games yet but that will change.

          • Majid Hussain

            yes i think it is good, uncharted is boring? have you even played it? as for remasters, i love them, better than indie games. Ok so other than Halo 5 i cant find a single game on xbox. Ps exclusives are good for a simple reason, hardware, ps4 is 2 x the power of xbox and the pro is 2.3 x the power of a standard ps4 untill the scorpio is out my ps4 pro has over 4x the gpu power of a xbox, and it is so clearly better on screen it is not even worth talking about. So yes I think it is better, in 2018 when the scorpio is in use it will have no benifit over the standard xbox untill sombody somwhere decides to support it with a AAA game, old games wont benefit due to not having been coded for the new architecture which will be too far a performance difference from the old xbox that i believe it will gimp the scorpio by having to maintain compatibillity with a standard xbox with only about a 6th the gpu power.
            Basically developers wont be able to push forward due to always having to carry the old xbox one compatibility, anything too intensive and the games wont run on the slow machine.
            Sony engineered around this by starting with a much more powerful old console and not having such a performance gap, they also mirrored the old hardware into a crossfire gpu running faster. So all they have to do for compatibillity

          • PEDROVNONE

            “Ok so other than Halo 5 i cant find a single game on xbox. Ps exclusives are good for a simple reason, hardware, ps4 is 2 x the power of xbox …”

            You are so misinformed, and I refuse to to talk to a person deceived by Sony’s Sheeps, you became one of them! But I still think you are another liar like any other Sony sheep.
            If you’re the type who’s too lazy to do search to verify information, then you will only learn through mistake and regret.

            You managed to overcome the dumbest comment of the idiots, congratulations.

            Bye bye, sheep.

    • Zatoichi

      Games?? Who needs games when you have hype and millions to spend on BS marketing lol?

      Just buy a gaming PC and get the Microsoft “exclusives” on that.

  • Aaron blanchard

    Can’t wait. Having great fun with Xbox one S, and this console Scorpio will demolish Ps Pro. There won’t be competition anymore because Sony has got nothing in their future, except bankruptcy!! PlayStation VR bites, Sony phones are trash, and Sony Tvs are on Sale everywhere because they only last two years. Keep up the good work Microsoft. Let the Japanese keep their crapanese.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      good games…. loool dumbass….

      MS can only hype a console for next year. how sad…

      MS’ problem isnt the lack of power but lack of interesting games that translates to audience on a mass scale!!! they need to go back to getting heavy hitters! or at the very least convince their so called die hard fans to support the games they release!

  • BelAirBoss

    Uhhhh….it’s not releasing until late in the year, by all indications. So if xbox is planning to have 2017 be “year of the Scorpio”, seems foolish considering what may be a November or December launch. Sony will continue hammering them all year, just as they have done since the debut of the ps4 and xbox one.

  • crazy_black_man-

    A more powerful multiplayer focused console that was specifically
    built around just multiplatform games and Xbox Live subscriptions, but
    STILL has no outstanding single player exclusives, which is a large part
    of what has been helping the PS4 stay on top?

    As of right now,
    amidst all the false hype from MS, the Scorpio just sounds like a
    regular midrange PC made just for multiplats, but one that is a closed
    system, and can’t play any Steam games.

    Where are the big single
    player exclusive Xbox games like “The Last of Us 2” or “God of War” that
    would make Scorpio a true next gen console successor worthy of
    dethroning even the base PS4 model?

    Why don’t you ask Aaron
    Greenberg exactly how they plan on marketing the Scorpio without any big
    exclusives to showcase exactly what sets it apart from the PS4, besides
    just the power and resolution difference?

    I remember that after
    the whole “all in one tv/console/entertainment set top box” vision for
    the Xbox failed, that Phil Spencer said “from here on out the Xbox One
    would be all about games, games, games”. So I as a potential Scorpio
    buyer, I have just 3 questions for Microsoft?

    1) Where are all the games?
    2) Where are all the games?
    3) Where are all the games?

    Did he really mean that the Xbox would now only be all about those old
    backwards compatible Xbox 360 games, games, games? It sure is starting
    to look like he was just telling lies again. The 2017 roster of Xbox One
    games looks a whole lot worse than the crap they released in 2016.
    Where are all the games???

  • Marty8370

    Scorpio hype……………LOL, its DOA……..PS4 rules


    Phil is actually right, without games there’s nothing there to hype.

    Only problem I see for the Scorpio is, there won’t be any exclusives.

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    So the year of PC then cause xbox has no exclusive games.

  • Vulcanproject

    This site removes valid comments and moderates aggressively.

    Do not waste your time on it. I will make sure I do not from this point on and make that clear to people that attempt to link from other sites to it.

  • Zarbor

    Hey MS,
    Here’s some food for thought. You might want to under-hype and over deliver not the other way around.