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Lethal VR Developer Details PS4 Pro Enhancements

The developer of PlayStation VR arcade shooter Lethal VR has detailed the full extent of the title’s PS4 Pro enhancements.

Whilst the Team 17-published game had touted support for Sony’s supercharged console since launching last month, the exact nature of its improvements had been kept under wraps until now.

Three Fields Entertainment took to Twitter earlier today to confirm that Lethal VR features “super sharp visuals due to drawing 60 percent more pixels through supersampling” on the PlayStation 4 Pro, along with “reduced jaggies and shimmering with anti-aliasing set to ‘Epic’ in Unreal Engine”, and “dynamic real time muzzle flashes [that] light up the shooting range”.

Lethal VR was originally built as a room-scale virtual reality experience for HTC Vive, before being adapted to PSVR. It is currently available via both Steam and the PlayStation Store.

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