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Sony Chief Kaz Hirai: PSVR a ‘Great Start’ to the Holiday Season; ‘One Sony’ Approach to VR Content in 2017


PlayStation VR provided Sony with a ‘great start’ to the 2016 holiday season, according to company president and CEO Kazuo Hirai.

The executive’s comments came during a brief keynote at CES 2017 in Las Vegas this evening, where he also confirmed that the PS4 had shifted more than 53.4 million consoles since launch, and 6.2 million units in the holiday season alone.

While Hirai refused to divulge specific sales figures for Sony’s virtual reality headset, he said: “PlayStation VR launched last October, and gave us a great start to the holiday season. With PlayStation VR, we are able to provide dramatic, transformational new gaming experiences.”

However, according to Hirai, PSVR won’t simply be limited to providing immersive gaming experiences. He said: “Sony is well positioned to take a ‘one Sony approach’ to set trends in virtual reality across our content divisions, enhancing how you experience music, movies, television and more.”

To illustrate his point, Hirai went on to announce the immediate release of Kygo: Carry Me on the PlayStation Store, a “revolutionary new music experience” developed by Sony Music Entertainment for PSVR and other virtual reality headsets.

Hirai added: “Many more VR experiences will be coming soon from Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment.”

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  • T40Rs731N

    So, when will more units ship? Did he say when? The entire USA is sold out.