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Infinity Ward Handing Out Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Bans En Masse

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Cover

Infinity Ward is today coming down on those Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare users who took advantage of an exploit in the shooter’s 12 Days of Winter giveaway to accrue thousands of in-game keys.

The bug, which led to the title’s servers being temporarily taken offline last month, allowed users to open a reward box containing 20 keys indefinitely.

Unscrupulous players may have felt they had got away without consequence as the developer had already taken back all ill-gotten gains just before Christmas, but according to numerous social media posts, it appears they’re now being hit with 48 hour bans.

Today’s action was preceded by the following one-character tweet from Infinity Ward multiplayer designer David Mickner – no doubt referring to the mythical ‘ban hammer’ about to be laid down:

The ban notice directs players to publisher Activision’s Security and Enforcement Policy, which dictates that in addition to the 48 hour suspension, first-time offenders “will will have their stats, emblems, and paintjobs reset, will have online split-screen privileges revoked, and will have their leaderboard entries [note: not applicable to IW] deleted.”

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