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US Retailer Has At Least 15 Switch Games in Its System

Hot on the heels of a leaked internal Gamestop schedule for the Nintendo Switch’s purported launch line-up, US retailer Target has added at least 15 Switch titles to its internal stock system.

By using third-party stock checking site Brickseek, users have discovered that a number of SKUs have a placeholder title of Switch Game [115] – while Target’s price for its placeholder Switch console entry is $299.99.

Although it has been widely speculated that the Switch will have a recommended retail price of $249, a number of industry insiders have suggested over the past few months that a higher priced bundle would also be available at launch – which Target’s listing may be indicative of.

Of course, the existence of these SKUs should be taken with a pinch of salt; we’ll learn a lot more about the Switch, its MSRP, and its launch library when Nintendo holds its special press conference on Friday.

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