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Microsoft Shows off Glimpse of New Xbox One UI & Guide; New System Update Expected Early Next Week

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Microsoft has today shown off a sneak peek at the Xbox One’s new user interface and Guide, which will be available as part of a new system update set to be released for testing next week.

Head of platforming engineering for Xbox, Mike Ybarra, took to his Beam channel earlier to live stream a few Xbox games while chatting with fans. During the broadcast, Ybarra also provided viewers with a glimpse of the latest Xbox One system software build, which he said should be available for testing by Xbox Insider Program members “early next week”:


The screenshot demonstrates the console’s new Guide, whose side-panel overlay is designed to aid efficient user multitasking. Also of note is the appearance of the clock and controller battery indicator, which previously required users to return to the Xbox One’s home screen in order to view them.

In a blog post written several days ago, Ybarra explained that the update is rolling out as part of the Windows 10 Creators Update, which aims to boost gaming performance. Additionally, he wrote:

“Every Xbox One will see an update coming to the Guide that will make it faster to complete common tasks. Through one press of the Xbox button on your controller, you’ll be able to pull up the newly enhanced Guide as an overlay on the left side of your screen no matter what you’re doing. In addition, we’re rebuilding the most popular multitasking experiences for speed and ease of access. For example, you’ll be able to start recording your GameDVR clips, adjust your recording length, and access your captures directly in the Guide. We’ll also add a new Achievement tracking overlay, Gamerscore Leaderboard, a new Cortana design, and controls for background music, making these features easier to use.”

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  • Bobby Griffin

    The best keeps getting better

    • Guest

      Oh shut up, you fanboy fant’rd. If Xbox One’s UI was so good, btw which it isn’t, because its slow and a cluttered mess, then why is the PS4 destroying it in sales? Bizzaro Ultraman.

      • Richard

        wheres all the xbox 1st party games at?

        • PEDROVNONE

          Only on Xbox like always

        • TJ

          in the cloud

      • Hank Hill

        Because the PS4 is the new Wii, casuals eat it up.

        • Youdontneedmynameffs

          you meant xbox

    • wilMaster04

      its the best i guess thats why the ui has to be changed every 4 months….because it’s trash

    • asadachi

      The what does what? Huh, never thought I’d meet the living definition of delusional.

  • Guest

    Speed it up

  • WitWolfy

    The current Ui is still too clunky and unresponsive IMO… Bring back the blades dash I say!

    • TJ

      i didn’t like the blades much

      • WitWolfy

        Each man his own I guess. I just want it for nostalgia!


    Xbox forever!

    • ManGrissle

      Heck yeah!

  • Rafoca

    The left guide is already very fast. Nice to know it will get even better