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NGE and Twitch Partner to Bring the Overwatch Winter Premiere Live Finals to PAX Arena at PAX South

Exciting news released today as Next Generation Esports (NGE) announced that, in partnership with Twitch, the Overwatch Winter Premiere Live Finals will take place at PAX Arena. The event will take place across the first two days of PAX Arena at PAX South 2017 in San Antonio. PAX South tickets are available for purchase today.

The Overwatch Winter Premiere Live Finals will be the culminating event of a multi-month open online tournament exclusive to North America. The Overwatch Winter Premiere began in December, with over 500 North American teams competing over the course of four days in the open online qualifier. Today marks the third week of online play between the Winter Premiere’s six remaining teams: Renegades, CompLexity Gaming, Immortals, Luminosity, Kungarna, and Team Liquid.

From these six North American teams, four finalists will continue to the live LAN format at PAX Arena. Following the qualifier and the final week of extended round-robin play, the remaining teams will move on to the last stage of the tournament, and a chance to win part of the $100,000 prize pool. The Overwatch Winter Premiere live finals will take place at PAX Arena on January 27, and will be broadcast on both Overwatch NGE and PAX Arena Twitch channels.

Andy Vander Woude, Co-founder and CEO at NGE, said: “The Winter Premiere was designed to highlight the best talent of Overwatch in North America. It’s only fitting to bring these all-star teams to the PAX Arena stage, where their effort and talent can be celebrated by an even wider audience.”

For more information on the Winter Premiere broadcast and roster, visit the winter premiere website. For additional information on PAX South and to purchase tickets, visit

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