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Fils-Aimé: Switch Caters to a ‘Different Market’ Than 3DS; Didn’t Push Third-Party Support Hard Enough During Reveal

The Nintendo Switch caters to a “different marketplace” than the 3DS, Nintendo executive Reggie Fils-Aimé has stated, who claims the existing handheld has a “robust” and “vibrant” future ahead of it.

In an interview with prominent YouTuber ProJared, Fils-Aimé was asked about the long-term sustainability of Nintendo’s 3DS system, given that one of the main selling points of the Switch is its portability. The executive responded: “The future of the 3DS is robust. Over the last six months, we’ve seen year-on-year growth for the system; we’ve sold more software in the last three months than we have in any three-month period in our history. It’s still growing strong. We’ve announced great content coming on the 3DS, and there are more announcements yet to come.

“For us, it is a vibrant platform, and a platform that will continue to grow. And it will have its own consumer base. There’s over a thousand games, and the price-point is certainly lower than the Nintendo Switch. We think it caters to a different marketplace than the Switch and it has a long future in front of it.”

Meanwhile, Reggie was also asked about what Nintendo might have done differently in its divisive Switch reveal presentation last week. He replied: “What wasn’t pushed as hard as we could have is all of the third-party content that’s in development. We briefly said there are 80 games in development, but think about that: 80 games; 50 different development partners – that’s a huge amount of content that’s coming and on its way for Nintendo Switch.”

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