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Is Gravity Rush 2 Better Than The Last Guardian?

Japan Studio’s Gravity Rush 2 hit store shelves over the weekend. It’s a wonderful sequel and highly relaxing game. It may even share some aspects with The Last Guardian, which was released just over a month ago. In this episode of The Gentleman’s Pantry Podcast, we examine which of the two is a better game.

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Show Notes:
Rory B. Bellows A.K.A. Krusty the Clown
That time when Scott met Maisie Williams
George R.R. Martin

This week’s topics:

• Bounty hunters in Star Wars (0:00)
• Why Dallin isn’t using his pen name, JD, on the podcast anymore (3:35)
• An investigation into the status of Nintendo Switch preorders and stock, and pros and cons of the console (8:20)
• Why is the final Game of Thrones novel taking so long to complete? (27:30)
• A look at Gravity Rush 2 and how it stacks up against The Last Guardian (41:30)
• Preview for next week (55:40)

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