The Influence of Artificial Intelligence on the World of iGaming

Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence! It seems the echo of these two words can be often heard in both online and offline world. And even though a Cyberdyne Systems series T-800 Model 101 Terminator with its living tissue over a metal endoskeleton is not yet among us, the age of AI is undoubtedly coming. How does this affect the world of iGaming? Will online gambling change for good?

How It All Started

Have you ever wondered if it would be possible for a system to definitively beat roulette or blackjack? Well, Edward E. Thorp and Claude Shannon tried to answer this question. These two individuals were the pioneers of wearable computer technology, a development they later used for bringing down the house at Vegas casinos.

Despite the fact that the computer was poor in performance compared to modern laptops and gadgets, Thorp did manage to win $8,000 by betting around $25 per number. In his book Beat the Dealer, Thorp later explained how he succeeded in creating the system, which was able to predict the journey of a roulette ball.

The Game-Changers and Major Players

The game has changed since then, and there are few who would dare to claim the contrary. It all started when a program developed in 1962 by the American cybernetic scientist Arthur Samuel outperformed R. Neely, one of the best US checkers players of all time. But it was just the beginning. A few decades later, players who have played against AI programs such as AlphaGo and Libratus didn’t expect to be beaten so easily.

First, AlphaGo shined in 2015, managing to defeat Fan Hui, the world’s best player GO player and the rising power of AI was further confirmed in 2017 when the artificial intelligence program Libratus wiped the floor with some of the best poker players out there, taking over $1,700,000 from the champs. It should be noted, however, that Libratus is much more than simply a poker program; its creators also envisage it providing help with medical planning and devising geo-political strategies.

What Will Tomorrow Bring?

The uncertainty of tomorrow is the online gambling world’s biggest concern. With the incredibly fast progress of data analysis and statistical modelling, artificial intelligence is yet to present its full potential. The largest gambling operators on the planet might be kept awake at night due to what has been recently going on in the industry.

The fact that the computer brain is becoming capable of beating the human brain could mean that the odds of creating “the perfect bet”, whereby whoever pulls it off will have an unfair edge over others, puts everyone in an uneasy position.

What could we expect in the years to come? It is clear that artificial intelligence is speeding up and nobody can make a precise prediction on the direction in which the AI might take the online gambling industry. Everyone knows that the world of iGaming is based on probabilities, odds and statistics, hence we’ll just have to wait and see how the latest marriage of science and gambling will end up.

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