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How “Gamifying” Slot Machines Can Help Casinos To Attract Millennials

Four Kings Casino and Slots

Millennials, those born between 1981 and 1996, are now regarded as the toughest area of most markets to crack and the casino industry is no different. This age group get bored quickly and look for activities which involve using skills and are not just purely based on luck. They also want their experiences to be interactive and be rewarded for their achievements.

For online casinos, finding a way to attract this generation to their sites and in particular to use their online slots is somewhat of a challenge. It is believed that for them to be more appealing to this age group they need to have more social and skill related elements.

Playing online slots is one of the favourite gambling activities worldwide, which is attributed to many factors, such as the number of online casinos sites now available, how easy it is to access them on mobile devices and also the massive variety of slots on offer.

It is believed that the gamification of slots could really help to attract millennials and this is really something online casinos need to consider in development and release of new video slots. It is the addition of elements of gaming playing into other aspects of gaming, such as scoring points, competing against others and levelling up. This is an essential factor which all game developers have to keep in mind, and especially true for online slots operator mFortune, who actually produce all their games in-house.

To enhance interaction of players online casinos need to post scores online, so millennials can come online and compare their achievements; which adds a competitive element and make them more appealing to this audience. Many online casinos are now constructing their gamification around leaderboards, which you can reach the top of by playing certain slots for example and the more points you get the higher up you will be in the leaderboard.

Another way in which gamification can be used is to create goals, adventures and missions for players in regards to online slots. Such additions as ‘slot races’ where a user will play against others to hit a certain achievement first and receive a reward in the form or a bonus or free spins; also appeals and helps the whole experience to be more interactive. As long as players are working towards completing a mission at hand they will not become bored and will remain engaged with the casino.

Playing online slots is now a fantastic experience, it can almost feel like you are watching a movie, due to the fantastic graphics and effects. Slot games can’t just be about winning money now though and to attract and retain millennials as customers, players must be transported to a new world when playing slots and being able to experience mini games within games, fantastic bonus games, tournaments, great prizes and compare their achievements to others will help entertain this age group. This goes to show how important the incorporation of gamification within online slots is.

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