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How to Play Games on Your Smartphone

The ubiquity of smartphones means that most of the population is carrying around an incredibly sophisticated gaming platform in their pocket. If you have your own smartphone, it means you’re able to game whether you’re on a crowded bus or tube train, sneaking your phone under your desk at work, or killing time while on the toilet. This article walks you through how to play the best mobile games on your smartphone so that you’re able to satisfy your gaming obsession whether you’re out and about or relaxing on the sofa at home.


All mobile games can be found in your device’s app store, which may be Google Play or Apple Store depending on your device. Here, you’ll be able to search for a multitude of games and download them straight to your phone. You can search by genre, by price, by popularity or by what’s trending at the time. You may feel like searching online for advice on the best games to invest in for your mobile, as some require monthly paid subscriptions or a large upfront fee. Whatever catches your eye, just hit download and you’ll be starting your games inventory.


Some (but not all!) smartphone games are also available to play on desktop or laptop computers, or on games consoles. This duality is desirable for anyone who wants to take their gaming obsession on the move with them but ultimately wants to play on a bigger screen with a handheld controller when they’re at home. Your favourite brands of games will probably have this duality. In another sense, duality is important. The bets placed on dice-rolling at satoshidice.com require a smartphone QR scan in order to place your bet, so games like this require you to have a PC and a phone to play.


So, you’ve got your smartphone games from whichever store your phone connects to, and you’re ready to progress your gaming skills. This takes time and patience and ultimately a sleight-of-hand that’s usually particular to smartphone games because, of course, you’ve only got a small surface area with which to play. Some people tackle this problem by buying a large smartphone or, in some cases, a tablet, from which actions are far easier to make, and gameplay is far more satisfying to move through. Either way, you’ll need to practice to progress.


Some of the most engrossing, exciting games on smartphones require a constant internet connection to play. Some don’t, but nonetheless, this means that anytime you disappear into the tube network or lose WiFi or 4G signal, your game will crash, and you’ll lose whatever progress you were making at the time. In order to avoid these mishaps, ensure you’ve got enough data to get you through a month’s worth of gaming on your smartphone, and, where possible, use public WiFi zones while playing your smartphone game. You can’t catch a Pokemon on PokemonGo without some internet telling your phone where they are!

That’s the basics of how to play games on your smartphone. With this information, you’re ready to start gaming on the go and around the clock.

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