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The Best 3 Spider-Man Games Pre-2018


Not all Marvel tie-ins have been terrible, but many have been quickly forgotten and one hero has hogged the limelight in recent years: since Rocksteady Games introduced us to Arkham Asylum in 2009, Batman has gone from one adventure to the next, each critically acclaimed.

Yet one alternative hero has recently enjoyed huge success. Spiderman’s first-ever gaming appearance dates all the way back to 1982, with Spider-Man for Atari 2600, which was also the first-ever video game appearance by a Marvel character. But, just a couple of months removed from the release of PS4’s exclusive Spider-Man game, we’ve decided to go back and rank its top three predecessors. They may not be in the same series or even made by the same developers, but these three games have two criterions: they’re all Spider-Man and they’re all 3D.

3. Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro (2001)

3D is the key to this Spider-Man game title. The technology continues to be hot in the gaming world, in general. The hugely popular Candy Crush has just released its first-ever 3D title, Candy Crush Friends Saga, which can be downloaded from the Windows App Store, Google Play, and the Apple App Store. Mr Green this year launched a 3D virtual live casino environment, which simulates a real-world casino employing blue screen technology. And the NS Glasses 3D VR Headset is due for release, which will offer a VR-like experience by keeping the Nintendo Switch locked into place so that it remains secure when being played. It’s crazy to think this all started back at the turn of the millennium.

Well, after the success of the 2000 Spider-Man game (see No. 2), Activision made the shrewd move of following it up with a sequel, which made this the second 3D Spider-Man title. While it didn’t have the same level of impact as its predecessor, it was successful and tapped into what worked in the original. We saw more refined combat, with some additional moves. The story stakes weren’t as high, though, to the detriment of this edition’s position in the rankings.

2. Spider-Man (2000)

The very first proper 3D Spider-Man game, this title predates the original Sony blockbuster trilogy. It felt unadulterated, inspired by the animated shows that many a Marvel fan watched when growing up. In retrospect, it’s impressive that they managed to fit in so many characters and storylines. That’s also true of the line-up of villains that included Mysterio, Carnage, Venom, Doctor Octopus, Rhino, and Scorpion. The game was a great primer for newbies and a fantastic homage for long-time fans.

1. Ultimate Spider-Man (2005)

Ultimate made some noir refinements over the gameplay from Spider-Man 2 (2004) but with far greater emphasis on the plot. Treyarch did the opposite of what Sam Raimi had just done with the second movie in the trilogy, drawing on a wealth of comic book material.

Covering a number of important story arcs, the game features numerous heroes and villains, as well as supporting characters that help to fill out the plot whenever Spiderman is out of the picture. Ultimate Spider-Man also successfully adapted the symbols storyline from the comics in a compelling way, pitting our hero against the one and only Venom to support the main overarching story. Ultimate allowed Spider-Man to shine, giving gamers one of our hero’s best representations to date.

Perhaps your top three ranks differently. Start the discussion in the comments below.

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