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Far Cry: New Dawn Gameplay Analysis, Learn What Happened to Boomer

Far Cry - New Dawn

Far Cry: New Dawn is the latest game in the long-running Far Cry franchise and it seems to be based in a post-apocalyptic setting. Here, we are going to look into some Far Cry New Dawn gameplay and talk about what see the new mechanics and villains. You will also learn about what happened to Boomer from Far Cry 5.

Talking about the graphics of Far Cry New Dawn, it does not look like a major step up when compared to the previous game. Then again, the gameplay we see here is recorded on a console and the game is in the alpha phase. The end product could be much better but I would not raise expectations too high is I was you. You can check out gameplay of Far Cry New Dawn below:

The basic mechanics are the same and much of the design is similar to the older game as well. It would not be the first time that Ubisoft has used assets from an older game but I hope that there is more to New Dawn. The new environment is interested indeed but it seems to be inclined towards Rage rather than Fallout.

The game takes place during the New Boom, 17 years after the nuclear explosion. This is a time where vegetation is able to grow even in harsh conditions. Ubisoft takes pride in making worlds and it is interesting to see the vision of the devs and what they have made. The setting is the same as Far Cry 5 and the new game will take players back to Hope County.

Even though you will already be acquainted with the area, the character that you play will arrive at Hope County for the first time. You will meet plenty of characters that you interacted with in Far Cry 5 but some of them will have died in the bomb blast. the devs also mentioned that Boomer is dead but you will have a dog companion that you can take with you.

Let us know what you think about Far Cry New Dawn and stay tuned for more updates and news regarding the game.

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