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The Outer Worlds Will Have You Guessing at Each Decision Because of Multiple Endings

The Outer Worlds

There is a lot of hype around The Outer Worlds and the developers are revealing new hints and information about the game as the days pass. Now we have learned that the game is going to have multiple endings based on the decisions that you made.

We already know that you can choose to be the hero, the villain or both and that your actions will have consequences in the game. It seems that the level of decision making is deeper than what we originally thought.

Megan Starks, the senior narrative designer of Obsidian Studios, was asked about how many endings The Outer World would have and the answer was that she did not know and that there were several. The game is in development so more endings could be added. While we are not sure how many endings there are going to be we do know that the game is going to offer a lot of choices and each choice will have an impact on the ending.

The Outer Worlds has got a lot of traction ever since the game was revealed. At The Game Awards, we were able to get a closer look at the game and it seemed like everything that Fallout failed to offer. That is not surprising keeping in mind that it is being developed by the same people that brought us Fallout: New Vegas.

The basic concept of the game is similar to Fallout and so is the art style. This has piqued the interest of the fans and there is hope that if Bethesda cannot get things right then Obsidian might get the job done.

Let us know what you think about The Outer Worlds and whether or not you are looking forward to playing the game when it comes out next year.

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