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DayZ is Still Frustratingly Broken


DayZ is a beautiful game, but it is broken, despite recently leaving early access. At this point, I am frustrated and disappointed. Frustration and disappointment have levels and let me give you an idea of what I can take by telling you that I have played 400 hours of PUBG ever since it first came out on Steam in early access.

One of the major issues that I have with DayZ is that the server kept booting me out to the loading screen. This not only breaks immersion, but also keeps me from having any at all. It is disappointing because the game has been in active development for more than five years and the game is still hardly playable. The last time I was so frustrated was when I was driving a jeep in PUBG and hit an invisible wall.

When you are able to to get into a server and stay there, it never is what it appears. More than often I got into what seemed to be a daytime server but once I got in it, was actually night. This is a simple waste of time and nobody wants to go back and forth in and out of servers. Nothing is more irritating than trying to find the right server.

While DayZ is broken, it is not as broken as it once used to be, but you would expect that after so many years of development, the team would make it a bit more playable. You can often see the zombies walk through walls and often get stuck.

Turn around for a second and look back and you will find a zombie where there was nothing a second ago. You will also find zombies stuck in other places and objects. They will look at you, make sounds but won’t be able to move.

All these things add up to be a major frustration and this is not even the whole picture. I am sure that there are bugs and issues that other people have faced.

Let us know what you think about the state of DayZ and how you feel about it.

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