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New Destiny 2 Plot Twist Keeps Players Guessing

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has got a new DLC and with that, we have also got a new cutscene which adds to the story and tells us how the story is going to progress. If you have not checked out the new cutscene and want to experience it on your own then you should leave now as there are spoilers ahead.

From what we have seen Prince Uldren is back. He has been revived by a ghost. It will be interesting to see how our character reacts to him coming back and it will also be interesting to see what other guardians have to say. Petra was also pretty close to Cayde and it is safe to say that she will want to kill him.

As Uldren is a guardian, he will surely come to the tower and be part of the society so to speak but that is not something that rest of the community is going to appreciate. It is worth noting then when guardians are brought to life, they have no memory of who they were. Uldren will not remember the events of Destiny 2 Forsaken and it is more than likely that he will not remember killing Cayde either.

This might not be enough for most people but Uldren is a completely new person. All this is very interesting indeed and being a Destiny player that has put a decent number of hours in the game, it will be interesting to see what happens next. Just because Uldren is back, does not mean that Cayde will come back either. We have seen his ghost die before he was killed, so there is no chance that he will come back.

Let us know what you think about Prince Uldren coming back to life and whether or not you think he should pay for what he did in the previous life.

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