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Halo Infinite Campaign Will Focus On “Hope, Mystery and Wonder”

Halo Infinite 343 Industries

“Halo is one of the biggest Microsoft exclusive games and while 343 Industries has tried its best to recapture the essence of the franchise in the last two titles, this upcoming game might have a different approach. The developer mentioned that Halo Infinite Campaign will focus on hope among other things which is very interesting indeed.

The campaign has always been one of the major selling points of Halo games and it seems that Halo Infinite will be no exception, which is great to know. Narrative experiences director Dan Chosich talked about the Halo Infinite campaign and the following is what he had to say in this regard:

“One thing we really wanted to change in coming out with Infinite was the perception. Instead of starting around fear like with Halo 4 and Halo 5, we really wanted to focus Infinite’s campaign around hope. We really wanted to have more hope, more mystery, more wonder, more agency, more heroism, and more symbolism in the trailer. We really wanted to focus on that feeling of being able to have a living world at your fingertips and to get back to what Halo 1 espoused.”

Chosich mentioned that the deal has looked into the franchise, especially how it has been marketed in the past. He mentioned that the next step was to figure out how the team was going to convert fear into hope. The developers want the world to be a place where the players want to live and explore. That is a major goal and something that I am hoping to check out when the game comes out.

While there is not a lot that we know about the Halo Infinite campaign, we do know that the Master Chief model that we have seen in the teaser is not the final version and that the final version is the coolest design that 343 Industries have made till now. We will have to wait and see what the developer has made.

Let us know what you think about this new turn in the Halo Infinite campaign and whether or not you are interested in playing the game when it comes out.

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