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These Fallout 76 Players Got Married In-Game

Fallout 76

Gaming has reached a new level. While proposals in games are not something new and we often hear about people that found the love of their life in a game but this couple took things to another level by getting married in Fallout 76.

There was a proper wedding ceremony with power armor and an afterparty in Fallout 76. This might seem unusual for some people but I am sure that this is something gamers will appreciate. Think about all the money these two saved by getting married in a game. The following is what the couple had to say in this regard:

So we got married in #Fallout76. Our in-game friend married us in the Holy Mothman temple, after I received a proposal. The whole event and wedding rings was sponsored by Nuca Cola. We also had a fun underwater afterparty.

Fallout 76 has got plenty of things wrong and most recently people found that they were unable to get launch codes or use nukes. This issue has now been patched but I am sure that people that were grinding are furious.

Fallout 76 has plenty of issues and one of the issues is that there is no proper way of reporting players. Some people have also claimed that they have been banned for unjust reasons. Bethesda has provided a way for such people to get their accounts back and according to sources, people have been asked to write articles in order to get their accounts back. This si very odd indeed.

People were not cool with the idea of an online multiplayer Fallout game when Bethesda first announced it and it seems that they were right to be concerned. Fallout 76 is from what we expected to get and people have the right to be upset.

Let us know what you think about this couple getting married in Fallout 76 and whether or not you would try pulling this off.

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