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Bethesda Taking Down Fallout 76 Glitch Video-Making YouTubers

Fallout 76 Glitch

Fallout 76 has plenty of glitches, there is no doubt about that. Bethesda warned the players that the game would not be perfect but it has been a while since the game released and yet there are plenty of bugs that the game still has. Glitches include duplication glitches and people have made videos regarding how this can be pulled off in Fallout 76.

It seems that Bethesda is not taking down such people and three is no punishment, the accounts are just banned indefinitely. To be clear, these people are not banned from YouTube but from Fallout 76. This was first reported in a Discord chat and you can check out the conversation below:

Fallout 76 Glitches

It is interesting to note that not only were the main accounts banned but the secondary ones as well. These are initial reports so we are not sure how many people Bethesda is targeting. This could be a specific case and might not affect other people but we should learn more once this matter is looked into. The following is the message that these players received by Bethesda:

This account has violated the Code of Conduct and Terms of Service by exploiting a system issue that results in item duplication. As a result, we have suspended this account indefinitely.

If you believe that this account has been flagged in error, players let us know by providing a short description of what you were doing that may have resulted in the excessively high rate of item creation. Once we are able to reproduce the situation you describe and confirm that it does activate our detection alarm, we will lift the suspension on this account. Please take a few moments to review that Terms of Service and Code of Conduct which must be acknowledged to participate in the Bethesda services.

While you are here, you can check out the couple that actually got married in Fallout 76. This is a developing story and we will keep you up to date regarding the matter so stay tuned for more information.

Let us know what you think about Bethesda banning these Fallout 76 glitch video making YouTubers and whether or not you think banning these people from the game is the right move.

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