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Mayfair Casino Live Dealer Roulette Review

Live Roulette

Online casinos have been popular since their advent; however, the newer introduction of live dealer games has seen a fresh surge of players signing up to enjoy the fun. Instead of having to travel to a casino it is now possible to play the closest to the real-life version of roulette by taking advantage of the live dealer arena. Over at Mayfaircasino.com, they have a range of live dealer rootlet games waiting for their punters, all of which are well presented and available to play around the clock with impressive live stream action from their professional croupiers.

Live Roulette

In order to offer a great variety in their gaming experience, they work with one of the top live dealer providers, Evolution Gaming. The reason this casino game supplier is so popular is that it brings a high-end casino studio experience and this is coupled with a playing interface that is reliable, easy to navigate and free from distraction or lag. Punters are able to focus on the live dealer action no matter what device they are using that day.

Gaming Gold

Once you have joined one of the many live-action roulette games on offer, you will be swept up on the quality of the game. From placing bets to the commentary offered by the live dealer, you will be transported to the biggest roulette tables in Las Vegas and become immersed in the gameplay action. It really doesn’t matter roulette game you have chosen, all games on offer bring an outstanding experience that you are sure to love.

The Game of Roulette

One of the reasons that roulette remains such a popular gaming choice for casinos all over the world is the simplicity of play versus the strategy of winning bets. There are several bets that can be placed, and based on the betting mat layout these are classed as inside or outside bets. The overarching aim of the game is to correctly predict which number the ball will come to rest on once the wheel is spun, however, you can do this in many specific or unspecific ways. Placing a bet on a single number will obviously give you the most significant return on your money if you are correct; however, the odds are very much against you, and you are guaranteed to lose more times than you win. A less specific bet on the ball landing on an odd or even, red or black section will see you walk away with less in the way of winnings but in terms of the likelihood, a bet you can win more than once. There is a range of announced bets that accompany each version of the game, but these are best left until you have a little gaming experience.


Live dealer roulette at Mayfair Casino brings a range of great roulette versions to the online casino environment and offer players immersive and exciting play. Professional croupiers really help to bring a game to life and explain the popularity of these live dealer games, so well worth a try if you have yet to experience them.

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