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Top Tips to Successfully Market Your Mobile Gaming App

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Millions of smartphone gaming applications are created every year and some of these will go on to sell millions of copies. One glance at the iTunes and Google online stores clearly illustrates this fact. Assuming that you have already created a one-off application, what can you do to ensure that it reaches the general public? First and foremost, you will need to take into account a handful of powerful marketing principles before adopting a robust e-commerce platform. Let us take a further look at both of these concerns so that the correct choices can be made from the beginning.

Mobile App Marketing 101

One of the first things to appreciate is that there are many other venues to market your app other than iTunes and Google. The key here is to generate as much “buzz” as possible while still catering to your core audience. While it is always wise to possess a static website which keeps new and existing customers up to date, there are other methods to keep in mind. One excellent choice is to make use of a social media influencer. This individual can be employed to actively promote your app to his or her audience; leading in a greater number of inbound hits. It is also wise to create an entirely separate blog post that is linked to your primary website. A dedicated social media page can come in handy and the use of Instagram hashtags is another strategy that has enjoyed a growing presence within the digital gaming community.

Above all, be sure to tell your customers what they can expect from your application as well as what makes is stand apart from any competitors. List important information such as:

  • The applicable operating systems.
  • The file size.
  • Which devices it will work on.
  • The system requirements.
  • Any updates that might have taken place in the past.

Choosing the Right E-Commerce Provider

It is also important to choose a user-friendly and flexible e-commerce platform in order to maximise your marketing efforts. While some users have chosen to work with larger portals such as Magento, a growing number are selecting more agile options including Shopify Plus. There are several reasons behind this Magento migration. Not only is Shopify a more cost-effective option, but its intuitive nature does not require the user to have any existing coding knowledge. Furthermore, its centralised framework is perfect for those on a busy schedule. You can enhance your current marketing efforts without being forced to work longer hours. In the event of an issue or problem, a customer service representative is always on hand to help.

Remember that one of the core tenets behind any successful marketing campaign is having the ability to reach your audience while presenting your game in the most favourable light possible. The suggestions mentioned above will all come in handy and if you also adopt a powerful e-commerce bundle, 2019 could be a profitable year!

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