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Resident Evil 2 DLC Puts Other Studios to Shame

Resident Evil 2

Capcom has not only done a great job at remaking Resident Evil 2 but the treatment of the games DLC is also commendable. There is plenty of content that is available for free that other publishers and developers would charge extra for. A perfect example is a skin from the original game.

I am sure that players that are old enough to remember the original game would be willing to pay a few extra dollars for the original skin and Capcom would have made a lot of money in doing so but the company has decided to give such pieces of content to the players without any extra charge.

Capcom has also confirmed that Resident Evil 2 will be getting 3 DLC. The first is called “No Time To Mourn” and will focus on the gun shop owner Robert Kendo who meets Claire and Leon as well. This DLC is free and will release on February 15th. While there is not much that we know about the DLC it will give us an insight into what was happening outside the building in which Leon and Claire are trapped.

The second DLC is called “Runaway” and will focus on Katherine Warren who was handed over to Chief Irons by her father who has not fled the city. The DLC will let involve Katherine trying to break out while she avoids the zombies that have infested Raccoon City. The last DLC is called “Forgotten Soldier”. This could be a reference to HUNK but that has not been confirmed. It will involve the soldier surviving zombies and trying to get out of the city.

All this Resident Evil 2 content will be available for free. This is something that other developers would have put a price tag on but that is not the route that Capcom is taking and I am sure that fans can appreciate that. The last two Resident Evil 2 DLC do not have a release date yet but should release soon after “No Time To Mourn”.

This is not the first Resident Evil game to get free DLC. Resident Evil 7 also got plenty of free content that showed what exactly happened to Zoe, Chris Redfield and Lucas Baker.

Let us know what you think about Capcom giving away free Resident Evil 2 DLC and whether or not you think other developers and publishers should learn from this example.

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