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PewDiePie Broke Fortnite During His Live Stream

PewDiePie Fortnite

PewDiePie has been competing against T-Series to get the most subscribers and while he is ahead right now, the lead is not ideal. In an attempt to get more subscribers, PewDiePie turned to Fortnite, the most popular game right now. It is safe to say that while PewDiePie was not particularly good at the game and played the game rather casually, he did get a lot of viewers. There were more than 300,000 people watching PewDiePie play Fortnite live.

The live stream also had a subscriber counter that showed the subscriber count of not only PewDiePie but T-Series as well. At one point in the live stream, PewDiePie was able to get a couple of players together and kept them from shooting themselves, which is absolutely not what the game is about.

Instead of killing each other in order to get a Victory Royale, the players banded together with PewDiePie in order to get him to the top. That did not happen though and someone did finally kill the famous YouTuber.

Playing the game live did pose to be a major disadvantage for Felix as other players knew where he was landing and what he was doing and it was rather easy for other players to stream snipe him. This, however, did not discourage Felix and other players actually did help him get a couple of kills. The battle between PewDiePie and T-Series has become a major campaign. YouTubers have been promoting the “subscribe to PewDiePie” slogan and we have seen it all over social media and Twitch. Even some publications are supporting the YouTuber.

Felix does have more than 80 million subscribers so it is no surprise that he is getting a lot of traction from the media and his fans are backing him.

Let us know what you think about PewDiePie playing Fortnite in order to beat T-Series and which side you are supporting.

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