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The Division 2 Offers More Replayability Than First Game

The Division 2

The Division was a great game but the end game content was not impressive and that is something that Ubisoft noticed. Once you finished the campaign and reached level 30, there was little left to do. The Division 2 has much better replayability as compared to the previous title. I was able to play the private beta and not only can you play different missions at different difficulties, but the endgame content changes those stages altogether.

The Division 2 private beta included an end game mission and it was interesting to see the changes and how the enemies scale. When you finish the game a different enemy faction is unlocked and just like The Division this enemy faction has access to military technology which can be very tricky to beat.

There was this one mission which was fairly simple at normal difficulty and was challenging with hard difficulty but when I played it as part of the end game, the new faction made things a lot harder and I found myself dying over and over if I was not careful. As part of the mission you had to go into a room an activate a computer.

At easy and hard difficulty the room is empty and all you have to do is push the button. When you return to the mission after you have finished the game and do it over again not only are there different types of enemies that are tougher, the same room is no full of enemies and there is a timer in which you have to keep the computer from being shut down. It might not sound like much but it is something that you need to experience in order to appreciate.

The enemies in The Division 2 are not as spongy as the previous titles and you will find killing normal enemies much easier. The time to kill and enemy health has been reduced. Your character can also heal over time which can make things easier but there are certain factors that can keep you from healing over time.

The Division 2 also introduces specializations and you can choose from different classes. Each specialization has its own specialization weapon and perks that will come in handy on the battlefield. All things considered, The Division 2 is highly replayable and I will be playing the game at launch.

The first year content is going to be free and if you get the game with the season pass then you will only be able to play it a week earlier as compared to the players that did not buy the season pass and went for the standard edition of the game.

Let us know what you think about The Division 2 and whether or not you are interested in playing the game when it releases on March 15th.

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