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Review: Football Manager 2019 Touch on Nintendo Switch

Football Manager Touch 2019

 The most well-thought football simulation comes back to Switch in 2019. That’s good news for portable console worshippers or simply those who sometimes prefer playing remotely. Being a simplified version of the game, it doesn’t cut back your gaming opportunities. Every feature present in a PC version is available here as well.

What’s New in 2019?  

The developers of the series decided to go the extra mile and consider player feedback from Football Manager 2018. Both Touch and PC versions have a fresher look and a more intuitive user interface, which is quite appealing for inexperienced users. The changes are not massive yet tangible enough to feel that it’s much easier to manage numerous controls and buttons now. Besides, they implemented some gameplay changes to provide you with more in-depth gaming experience.

League Changes 

All 2500+ teams available in Football Manager 2018 are included in FM 2019. But now you may have a full-fledged Bundesliga experience. Two highest German divisions were licensed for the game and now are kitted out with branded equipment. 2019 will be the first year of the 4-year lasting contract between Bundesliga and FM series.

Revamped Tactics Module  

The most noticeable change in the tactics module is the addition of tactical presets each representing well-known tactical styles from a real-world football. The most renowned among them are Gegenpress perfectly performed by Liverpool, Tiki-Taka popularized by the Spanish national team, and Fluid Counter Attack widely used by Manchester United.

VAR and Goal-line Technologies

The tech progress affects football matches as well. The two of innovative technologies — Video Assistant Referee and Goal-line — have migrated to Football Manager in order to bring the game closer to its real-life analog. Both innovations will be present in leagues in which they have been already introduced in reality.

Redefined Training Process

In the original PC game, training is now separated into three sections during which you can customize the development of each team member and improve his specific traits. Training in the Touch version is slightly simplified, but still featuring new sessions and schedules as well as more realistic youth squad training.

Better Tutorial for New Players and More

The highly detailed interface with so many options to explore has always been a bit intimidating for new FM players. In 2019, the creators decided to make more sophisticated in-game inductions for players of any experience. When you start a new game, specify your level of awareness with the game features and enjoy your personalized tips.

Football Manager 2019 on Switch: Differences from the PC Version

Football Manager debuted on Switch in 2018, interrupting a 4-year console-free break since FM 2014 handheld version for PlayStation Vita. Our guess why the game is not popular on consoles is that it has a relatively complex interface and lots of small details to micromanage.

It’s not like PES or FIFA, where the gameplay is almost entirely focused on matches. Football Manager is jokingly compared to Excel — 80% of your playing time you spend staring at various tables and schemes.

This specificity makes PC the perfect platform for Football Manager. Nintendo Switch, on the contrary, has a small screen with 720P resolution. It is definitely not enough to run a full-fledged FM 2019.

That’s why the Nintendo version of FM, also called Football Manager Touch, is slightly lighter than the game made for PC. However, it’s not as fast-track as mobile FM 2019 for iOS and Android. FM Touch sticks to the middle ground between the two. There are the main differences between Touch and PC versions:

  • Omission of press conferences and team talks;
  • Lack of squad dynamics and simplified rules on its selection for Champions and Euro Leagues;
  • Simpler morale system;
  • Limited youth squad;
  • Automatic training and quite casual scouting;
  • Limited staff (5 people instead of 20+);
  • Simplified tactics.

Pros of Football Manager 2019

According to the numerous reviews, Football Manager 2019 remains one of the most addictive sports simulation games. Referring to the titles of other genres, it’s comparable to GTA 5 in action-adventure and to Europa Universalis IV in strategy. All three games have so much to do that it takes hundreds or even thousands of hours to learn everything in there. And that’s the strongest suit of FM series.

Speaking of the 2019 edition itself, it’s quite good with some nice features introduced in it. Summarizing all the above, we can highlight the following advantages of Football Manager Touch 2019:

  • The best sports manager simulation with no decent rivals in sight;
  • Significant UI improvement;
  • Very detailed for a portable version;
  • More realistic training mode;
  • The introduction of tactical styles makes the game more versatile;

Cons of Football Manager 2019

Even though Football Manager 2019 deserves the title of the most comprehensive football manager simulation game, there is still room for improvement. For example, you don’t have complete control over sponsorship deals, as you can’t decide on when and with what companies to sign. You can boost revenue from sponsorships only indirectly by improving your overall reputation.

But as you know, the club’s revenue heavily depends on its sponsors and even the industry they operate in. Clubs often deal with popular online gambling companies because they tend to pay more than representatives of other industries.

However, top-tier teams prefer other brands over gambling ones due to the greater reputational risk of the collabs with the latter. Unfortunately, you can’t manage these things in Football Manager and define your negotiation strategy with sponsors.

Press conferences remained dull and quite repetitive, too. Some users also claim that matches engine is not balanced enough, so that’s why goals from crosses still prevail, what doesn’t happen that often in real-life football.

Here is the list of major shortcomings of Football Manager 2019:

  • Limited management opportunities in specific areas such as sponsorship deals and press conferences;
  • Imbalanced match engine (will be likely fixed with future patches);
  • New features are pleasant but don’t feel like revolutionary ones;
  • Although the interface is simpler and clearer, it remains to be complicated enough for newbies;
  • Specific issue on Nintendo: it may be hard to press right controls, as the screen is not optimized for such a game.

Final Verdict

Football Manager 2019 opens up in all its glory only in its PC version, as Nintendo Switch lacks high-resolution definition required for such a detailed interface. But if you already own both, why not to try both experiences and enjoy on-the-go management on your Switch console. Football Manager Touch 2019 still rocks.

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