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Bioware’s Anthem is a Massive Downgrade Compared to E3 Reveal

Bioware Anthem

When Bioware’s Anthem was first revealed at E3 2017, it appeared to be something new. The visuals were on point and the game appeared to be very dynamic indeed. The launch of the game reveals something different and much has changed since release. The game might be the same at its core but there are a lot of differences between the E3 reveal and the actual game.

In the reveal of Anthem, we see the player set aside a curtain and we are introduced to a market where there are people walking around. There is a lot of detail, the lighting is impressive and we see a strider walking around in the background. In the actual game, there is a door and the market seems much smaller.

The lighting is not as impressive and the people have been reduced as well. The NPC animation has been modified and the scene is not as dynamic as what we saw in the E3 reveal. The shadows are also downgraded and the strider is not moving at all. There are plenty of changes in the opening alone.

The character that walks up to us in the reveal does not exist nor are you able to play the mission that we have seen in the E3 demo of Anthem. You have to walk up to the different characters in order to talk to them and that is nothing new. It is less dynamic than what we saw in the E3 reveal. The NPC that works on your suit has changed as well. When it comes to the Javelins, the E3 demo has better lighting than the actual game even if you are playing the game on PC and have all settings maxed out.

Looking at the differences in the open world we see that the game was supposed to be far more ambitious and it has got a reality check and was taken down a notch. While the actual game looks great, it is clear that the footage we see in the E3 demo is much better and that the open world just seems larger and better designed. It makes you wonder why Bioware made so many changes to a great concept and why we did not get what was revealed in the E3 demo.

The tunnel that the players fly through has been reduced in size and the herd of animals that run by are no longer there. The valley and other things in the open world have been scaled back in size. A lot of the vegetation has been removed in the retail version of the game which is unfortunate. The encounter with the large monster near the ruins no longer takes place in the retail version. That would have been cool.

Anthem has not got the traction that we expected and there is a good reason behind that. It is not the same game that was revealed at E3 2017 and people know that. Let us know what you think about Anthem and what your experience has been like so far.

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