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Was Devil May Cry 5 Worth the Wait?

devil may cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 came out after a couple of years and I have to say that after playing the game, I feel that it was worth the wait. It had been years since we got a Devil May Cry game and while Ninja Theory did give us a “reboot”, I have to say that this one is miles ahead of DmC and that I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Climbing the demonic roots was similar to climbing the tower in DMC3 and you can also spot some of the things that Devil May Cry 5 has taken from Ninja Theory. Seeing enemies that we all fought back in the day redesigned according to latest technologies was very impressive indeed.

The graphics of the game is amazing. I really like what Capcom did with the different characters. All the characters look realistic and their animations are impressive as well. When you press the shoot button you can see Dante take out Ebony and Ivory each and every time and then he puts them back again. Small things like this have a major impact on the game and I do appreciate them even though I was not paying attention to them in the battles.

It just goes to show that the developer has put some serious thought and effort into making Devil May Cry 5 and we can see that in the final outcome. The sound effects are amazing as well. I loved how the Balrog would count down the seconds before the flames went out. Other small details like this made the game what it is today.

As someone who has played the previous games, I have to say that this one is one of the best that I have played. Keeping in mind that I played the previous games a couple of years back and the bar was set pretty high, I can gladly say that I am satisfied with the experience.

The story was very interesting too and without going into spoilers I have to say that how the story unfolds is impressive and the turn of events was something that I had not seen coming. I had a couple of theories of my own and I was also following theories that people came up with but what I got to witness was something completely different and I never saw it coming.

Capcom did a great job with Resident Evil 2 remake and the developer has done it once again. This could be the last game in the franchise and I am happy with where Devil May Cry has ended. I would love to see new characters and different arcs in the franchise but I leave it up to the developers and Itsuno to decide whether or not they want to make it happen.

All in all Devil May Cry 5 is a great game. If you have played the previous games then this is a must play but I can also recommend it to people who are new to the franchise.

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