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Anthem Needs More Enemies, Not Bullet Sponges


Anthem has had plenty of issues ever since it first came out. The most recent bug is that players are unable to pick up the Legendary drops. One of the major concerns is the loot but as you increase the difficulty of the game enemies become bullet sponges and that is a major concern.

Shooting at the same enemy for minutes is very boring indeed and this is something that The Division 2 has done right. Increasing the difficulty level in The Division 2 can change the mission dramatically especially once you have finished the main campaign.

New enemies are added to the game, there is a whole new faction. Enemies are not only hardware to kill, but there are also a lot more of them. The time to kill has been decreased and the enemies are not as spongy as they were in the previous title.

This is something that Anthem needs to incorporate as well. Making the same enemy a bullet sponge is not fun at all. Anthem needs more enemies and the enemy health needs to be balanced so that the game is more engaging. The new content is already pretty late and the roadmap that has been revealed so far is unacceptable. Keeping all this in mind, the content that players already have at their disposal needs to be satisfying.

Anthem in its current state is not a satisfying experience. Flying around like Iron Man might be cool for the first few hours but that is not something that will keep the player engaged for hours every day. I would not play Anthem for hours each day. The Division 2 on the other hand just came out on the 15th and I have already played 13 hours which is pretty high for me. While The Division 2 also has some bugs, the game is still engaging.

Let us know what you think about the enemies in Anthem and whether or not you think something has to be done in order to counter the bullet spongy-ness of the enemies.

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    This is how loot shooters work. Even in The Division 2. And especially at higher levels.