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Google Stadia Could Hurt Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft

Google Stadia

Google Stadia is a new gaming platform that allows gamers to play games on any device with a screen. Games are streamed to these devices from the Google data centers and we have already seen a demo of how easy it is to switch from one device to another. Keeping in mind how revolutionary this project is, it could hurt other companies such as Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.

Since Google Stadia was announced shares of Sony and Nintendo dropped by around 4%. Google does not have a piece of the gaming and pie and has invested a lot of money to get a part of the action. The company owns YouTube, a major platform where people come to watch gaming but Google has not actively invested in gaming, until now. That is why Google Stadia makes so much sense.

Companies like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have sold millions of consoles around the world but Google Stadia is not a box or a device of any kind. Everything is based in the cloud and that is one of the reasons why the offering is so attractive. You can easily continue your gaming experience on any device that you have available. At home you can play on the TV, on the move you can play on your smartphone and you can even play on your PC, laptop or tablet.

We have already seen Assassin’s Creed Odyssey running on the platform and Doom Eternal has also been confirmed to run at 4K 60 FPS on the platform. Reports claim that The Outer Worlds and Shadows Die Twice could also release on Google Stadia.

Google Stadia

Google is not the first company to have a go at game streaming but keeping in mind the resources that Google has at its disposal it could be the first company to crack it. It all comes down to execution. The stream should be lag-free and smooth otherwise there is no point.

Let us know what you think about Google Stadia and whether or not this is something that you would be interested in.

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  • J.K.2017

    Microsoft is in the best position to launch Xcloud.Also, It is too early for Google to hurt anyone.