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Is the Apex Legends Battle Pass Worth Purchasing?

Apex Legends Battle Pass

The Apex Legends Battle Pass is out now and you can buy it in order to have the chance to earn exclusive rewards – but the grind is real and the rewards are not all that great. The players are not particularly happy and while the Fornite Battle Pass was great, the same cannot be said about the Apex Legends Battle Pass.

You need 29,500 experience points in order to unlock the first tier of the Apex Legends Battle Pass. It is also interesting to note that you will need 18,500 experience points in order to advance from level 97 to 98. You can imagine how much of a grind this can be and how frustrating the experience is.

Apex Legends Battle Pass

The time required to get to these levels is pretty much the same as Fortnite and there are some features that allow casual players to level up faster, but the major concern here is that the rewards are not all that great and some people might not find them worth the grind.

If you play Apex Legends for about an hour a day then you will get plenty of stuff from the Battle Pass, which includes cosmetic items and enough virtual currency to get the next battle pass for free. Another option that you have is to pay $28 instead of $9.50 if you think that you cannot play regularly and will not be able to complete all the tiers of the Apex Legends Battle Pass. Doing this will unlock the first 25 tiers and will decrease the grind drastically.

Apex Legends Battle Pass

Something to keep in mind is that you will need to complete the tiers in order to get the loot. If you think that you cannot play for an hour every day then this might not be the best option for you. If you are behind then you might need to grind like crazy. Another option is to buy tiers for $1.50 each or lose the loot.

We have also talked about how Titan drops would be very interesting in Apex Legends. In other news, EA is not closing Bioware even though Anthem has so many issues.

Let us know what you think about the Apex Legends Battle Pass and whether or not you think it is worth it.

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