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Fortnite: Advanced Tips on Looting


What are the two things that make battle royale games so fun? Without a doubt, those are fast battles and looting. These are essential elements of every game in this genre. However, while your success in battles depends mostly on your skills and experience, looting can be rather tricky.

How to get the best gear in Fortnite? Check our list of useful tips and tricks to become a real pro in looting!

  • Steal From Your Enemies

Seeing someone trying to open a chest with gear, many players decide to shoot them immediately. However, even if you don’t want to start a fight, this doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the chance to steal loot from an opponent. Here is the trick – don’t attack your enemy, instead, quietly sneak up behind his back. Wait until he starts opening the chest and immediately press the relevant button to pick up what’s inside.

  • Shoot Supply Drops With An SMG

Shooting drops allows you to keep track of them. An SMG would be a perfect weapon for this because the kind of ammo it uses is really common, which means you won’t run out of it, and it only requires three bullets to down a drop with gear.

  • Bandage vs. Mini-Shield Potion

Better pick small shield potions as they are way more efficient than bandages.

  • Cover The Gear You Leave Behind

Sometimes due to the lack of space or other reasons, players are forced to leave some loot behind. In any case, it is a pity to leave good gear but here is a nice tip to help you save it for later – simply cover it with a roof.

  • Collect Materials Wisely

Building is an essential part of every battle royale, so be sure you’ll need some resources. Here are the best ideas on where to collect it:

  • Wood – you can get the most from wooden pallets at factories
  • Rocks – get most from bricks
  • Metal – opt for semi-tracks

These objects give you the most significant amount of each particular material.

  • Collect Material Faster

To speed up this process, get as close to an object as you can.

  • Collect Resources With The Same Speed

To do this follow these steps: run past a material (make sure you have a pickaxe out), jump, change to a gun while you are in the air, and collect everything.

  • At The Beginning Of The Game Don’t Be Too Picky On The Loot

Instead, collect everything you come across.

  • Study The Map

When you have studied the map, you can define the perfect routes that help you collect all the supplies you need for the game. This simple trick will help you obtain quality gear in each game.

  • Start With Bottom Floors

Many players prefer going through the roof. However, at the beginning of the game, we recommend entering the building through the doors because bottom floors tend to have more weapons.

  • Use Camera To Your Benefit

Switch your camera the right way when you down someone next to the Loot Lake. This way, you should be able to see what kind of gear the enemy drops and decide whether to waste your time trying to get it.

Final Words

Playing and winning a battle royale is impossible without hunting for top-notch supplies. Thus, the looting secrets provided in this article will come in handy for all players, regardless of their experience and playstyle. However, if you are looking for more ideas to boost your performance, we also recommend you to check out these Fortnite Settings and Keybinds to ensure you meet a situation head-on when you land onto the battlefield!

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