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No Man’s Sky Creator Talks About Google Stadia’s Potential Capabilities

Google Stadia

Google Stadia was just announced recently and it allows you to stream games to any device, whether it is your PC or a mobile phone. Any device that can run YouTube will be able to stream games at 4K 60 FPS. At least that is what Google has promised the fans. No Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray talked about the upcoming service and while he seemed interested in what the platform will have to offer, there are still some unanswered questions which he is interested in learning about.

People do have a lot of questions when it comes to Google Stadia and we recently learned that you will need to have a 30 Mbps internet connection in order to stream games at 4K 60 FPS. The following is what Sean Murray had to say about Google Stadia:

What I think would be really interesting would be to hear about gaming experiences that couldn’t have been before. It’s cool to hear 10 teraflops, right? It’s exciting. I think a vast majority of people don’t know what that actually means. Having cooler particle effects is great, having 4K or 8K is great, having better anti-aliasing is all cool, but I think all of us would be interested to know what experience I could have that I couldn’t have before.

Google Stadia is pretty compelling but unless we get some hands-on time with the service it is hard to say what the experience is going to be like. Plus at launch, it is not going to be available everywhere. It is most likely going to be available in waves. It will be interesting to see what the platform is going to offer when it releases.

Google Stadia has got a lot of traction from developers and creators and I have already talked about how it could hurt companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

Let us know what you think about Google Stadia and whether or not this is something that you are interested in checking out when it comes out later this year.

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